Sales Pitch Examples to Help Grow Your Business

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Pitch can be referred back to a long strip of turf between a huge circular ground used as a venue for playing cricket. In the game of cricket, much depends upon the pitch quality and condition. Now, same is the case with the sales pitch. Much of the sales and business’ performance depends upon the sales pitch. A sales pitch is the process of persuading someone to buy something by the use of words, visual representation, and presentations. A sales pitch is either gives an introduction of the product to the customers who know nothing about the product or the service. It can also give a proper explanation of the products’ specifications to those customers who are already have shown their interest in the product. There are numerous sales pitch examples that can define a successful sales pitch.

A successful sales pitch can accelerate a company’s sales.On the other hand a wrong or inappropriate sales pitch can also drive your existing customers away  And can also lead to low sales. It is important to get the sales pitch right at the first attempt. As most of the times you get just a single shot at delivering a sales pitch to your potential customers. Companies spend huge amounts of money on specialists and salespersons who have experience to deliver sales pitches because they have a higher chance at being successful in making a sale.

Sales Pitch examples

Here, we will be discussing a few sales pitch examples that will help you gain success almost every time if execution is proper.

  1. The undeniable truth

One of the sales pitch examples is by compelling your customers whom you are presenting your pitch to agree with you. It convinces them that whatever you say is the truth.  For example, “everyone needs relief from going to shop for groceries every week”. Then you can pitch your product and relate it to your previous statement somehow. For example, “we are launching this grocery delivery service that will provide fresh and good quality stuff at your doorstep whenever you need it”. Then you can make a statement such as, “all of us would like this” or “don’t you want this service?” or “don’t you want to enjoy your favorite show while your grocery comes to you by itself?”. This way, your customers see what you make them see. Most of the times it is the just the advantages of your product that you want them to consider.

  1. Story helps wonders

Story telling is another one of the effective sales pitch examples which can help you capture customers’ appreciation. A story which can help you by favoring your product and relating to the customer is very helpful. For example, a sales person may say “I had a meeting to catch last Tuesday, my wife had to go to a party with kids, and we had run out of groceries. There was a party at my place too that day, and we had no time to buy groceries, and we did not want to order food from restaurants because it gets too expensive. So, we decided to ring in and order groceries or simply order online by visiting the website.” This story might be true or not, but it can get your customers’ attention and can convince them to use your service. Another example is of the salesmen at shops who tell us that they have been using the same product when we ask about the quality of a particular product.

  1. Give a trial

When Careem was launched, they were giving free rides to customers. The tactic helps them convince the customers that it is a good service and is safe for travelling too. Same way, many products believe in giving a demo, a trial or a sample to the people. This allows them to make them try the product, and if they like it, they will surely buy more. This is one of the good sales pitch examples that can boost your sales. It is also a good marketing technique. As your product gets a proepr launch and gets a public approval as well. For example, you see stalls of companies outside supermarkets, giving out free samples to people for trying their product, and advertising the product at the same time.

  1. Go into technicalities

Going into technicalities is one of the very successful sales pitch examples. It can make your customer feel as if the product is much better in quality than he thinks it is. As it happens, sometimes even the simplest of the things can seem to be big if representation is in a technical manner. An example is of an oil company which I witnessed recently. The company has done an alteration to their oil bottles. They did a replacement of the the cap with a nozzle. The advertisement is now showcasing the bottle as having  “easy pour technology”. This will have an impact on customers, and they will surely find it impressive.

  1. Use offers, deals and discounts

Customers always find it interesting in getting the best products at the cheapest prices possible. Many companies use this idea. They offer discounts and deals in order to gain a larger market share than their competitors. It is a norm that if a company offers discounts, the customers end up spending more than if there are no discounts. This is because the customers feel that they are getting good value for their money. They end up buying as much as they can before the discounts end.

Some companies also do an even smarter thing by placing discounts on select few items. This leads the consumers to purchase goods that are not even on sale. So, this is one of the very good sales pitch examples.

Other than the examples given above, there are several others which can give an instant boost to your sales.  Hiring specialist salesmen is another great way of ensuring high sales. However, special care should be taken that the salesmen do not get too much irritating to the customers while trying to sell the products. Rude behaviours  will not only drive the customers away and reduce the sales, but will also give out a bad reputation for the company.

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