Snickers Helps Keep Godzilla Calm!

With the Godzilla movie just a few months away from release, the marketing campaigns for the movie has been kicking some higher records. A recent ad by Snickers, features a really cool Godzilla who is friendly, fun and amazing – but that’s only when he is not hungry. Hunger unveils the other and the much darker side of the cool and friendly Godzilla, and trust me, the hungry Godzilla isn’t a very great guy. Nevertheless, the only way to calm down this bad boy is by bringing in the hero, and the hero of this ad, is of course Snickers! Snickers chocolate bar knows exactly how to do its job and save the day! The crunchy nuts, rich chocolate and gooey caramel does the magic to fill in the tummy of the hungry and cranky old Godzilla, and once again he is back to being the same cool, funny and awesome Godzilla that everyone loves! Check out the commercial, and let us know if you too are craving a bar of Snickers chocolate right now? Godzilla-Snickers-Ad

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