A Love Ballad by Red M&M’s

M&M’s Red is in love. And he would do anything for his ladylove, from carrying her shopping bags behind her as she goes on a shopping spree, to painting her nails and letting her do his hair. It’s all good till being a slave for your lady love, (of course we like that), but what if your ladylove wants to skin you, bake you in the oven to serve you as a topping on her whipped cream cake, and wants to gobble you up with a cookie? If that’s not enough, she even wants you get inside a piñata! Yikes, poor Red’s ladylove certainly has a little of cannibal instincts.

See how Red sings a song full of sorrow and emotion, yet makes a point that he would not let his love torture him in anyway. I guess we all are tempted.


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