Honda Civic Celebrates 16 Years of Success in Canada

Competition in the automobile industry is sky-high, therefore maintaining a good position for long is a tough task for many companies. However, Honda Civic has broken a few records in Canada after maintaining its position as the top selling car for sixteen years now.

In order to celebrate its huge success over the last sixteen years, Honda Civic released a TVC showing how they have grown over the years by marking sixteen as a special year for not only young adults who are just about to earn their drivers license but also for the company itself. The ad features a young sixteen year old about to take his driving test and a few failed parkings, a little bumping in the trash cans and some clumsy breaks. After all, sixteen is all about being young and learning a few new tricks!

When was the first time you drove a car? Did you also have a few clumsy moments? Well, I still have them all the time!


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