Coca Cola Feels Like Ahh

Coca Cola can easily be referred to as the ‘guru of marketing’ due to its strong marketing and innovative campaigns that are released every few days all around the world.  From guerilla campaigns, to brilliant TVCs and viral videos, Coca Cola has done it all. So, they decided to do it again.

This animated ad for Coca Cola features a lot in just a 30 second video. From Coke cans with long legs and high heels doing Cha Cha Cha, to an astronaut doing the moonwalk on the moon, a bag of fries dressed up as rock stars and pouty red lips uttering a refreshing “Ahh.”  Because “Every Sip Feels like Ahhh!”

A series of random animations and crazy characters make this ad an interesting one. Coca Cola really knows how to attract audiences through its share of great commercials. What do you think?


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