Borderline Personality Disorder Quiz

Advergize Staff PSYCHOLOGY

Answer all questions of this borderline personality disorder quiz to test whether you are at risk of BPD, or not. Click on the link if you’d like to learn more about borderline personality disorder symptoms, and why you should take the test.
1.Have any of your close relationships been troubled by a lot of arguments and repeated breakups?
2.Have you ever hurt yourself physically (cut, punched, burnt, etc.)?
3.Have you had any problems with impulsivity (binge eating, spending spree, verbal outbursts, etc.)?
4.Have you been extremely moody?
5.Do you feel very angry most of the times? Or have you acted harshly when angry?
6.Do you have trust issues with people?
7.Have you ever felt unreal, or if things around you were unreal?
8.Do you feel empty and lonely? As if no one understands you?
9.Have you often felt that you had no idea of who you are or that you have no identity?
10.Have you made desperate efforts to avoid feeling abandoned (i.e. repeatedly calling someone to reassure yourself that he or she still cares, begged them not to leave you, clung to them physically)?