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Every restaurant has a distinct ambiance, taste and service quality that defines its existence especially in today’s era where eating out is an important part of our lives. Here we present to you with the largest collection of restaurant slogans in an organized list.

Brand NameSlogan
Arby'sArby's. Now That Your Tastes Have Grown Up!
Arby'sWhat are you eating today?
Arby'sI'm thinking different, I'm thinking Arby's.
Arby'sIt's Good Mood Food!
A & WA & W. All American Food
A & WWhere the food's as good as the root beer.
Baskin Robbins31 Flavors
Big Boy Home of the Original Double Decker
Burger KingHave it your way
Burger KingYou're the Boss
Burger KingThe fire's ready
Burger KingYour Way, Right Away
Burger KingBest Food for Fast Times
Burger KingAmerica Loves Burgers and We're America's Burger King
Burger KingBurger King, Home of the Whopper
Burger KingWake up with the King
Burger KingIt Takes two hands to hold a Whopper
Carl's JrIf it doesn't get all over the place, It doesn't belong in your face.
Carl's JrSome guys, don't do 49 cent Tuesdays.
Carl's JrWithout us, some guys would starve.
Carl's JrAt Carl's Jr., you're into something good!
Carl's JrDon't bother me, I'm eating.
Carl's JrMaking people happy through food.
Checkers Drive In BurgersHigh Performance Human Fuel
Checkers Drive In Burgerslittle place. BIG TASTE.
Checkers Drive In BurgersDevour the night!
Checkers Drive In BurgersFeast On
Chick-fil-AWe didn't invent the chicken, Just the chicken sandwich.
Chick-fil-AEat Mor Chikin
Chipotle Mexican GrillFood with integrity.
Cici's PizzaFresh taste at a great price.
Church's ChickenYou Bring It Home
Church's ChickenBig Pieces, Little Prices
Church's ChickenFull Flavor, Full Pockets, Full Life
Church's ChickenA whole lot of Chicken Genius
Church's ChickenI know what good is
Dairy QueenDo something different.
Dairy QueenHot Eats, Cool Treats
Dairy QueenSo Good It's RiDQulous
Dunkin DonutsLoosen up a little
Dunkin DonutsAmerica Runs On Dunkin
Dominos Pizza You got 30 minutes
Dominos Pizza Get the door. It's Domino's.
Dominos Pizza Domino's. The Pizza Delivery Experts.
El Pollo LocoWhen you're crazy for chicken.
Hardee's Where the food's the star.
Hardee's Hardee's. Come on Home.
Hardee's Delicious Food. To fit your lifestyle.
Jack in the BoxWe don't make it until you order it.
Jack in the BoxLove Bacon? Marry It
Jimmy Johns - Gourmet SandwichesSubs So Fast You'll Freak
Jimmy Johns - Gourmet SandwichesYour Mom Wants You To Eat At Jimmy John's!
Jimmy Johns - Gourmet SandwichesFresh. Fast. Tasty
Kentucky Fried ChickenThere's Fast Food, Then There's KFC.
Kentucky Fried ChickenWe do chicken right.
Kentucky Fried ChickenFinger Lickin' Good
Kentucky Fried ChickenLife tastes better with KFC
Kentucky Fried ChickenBuy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun.
Little CaesarsPizza! Pizza!
Long John Silvers You're Going To Get Your Wish. Go Fish.
Long John Silvers We Speak Fish
McDonald's McDonalds. I'm lovin' it.
McDonald's What you want is what you get.
McDonald's It's a good time for the great taste of McDonalds.
McDonald's Nothing can do it like McDonald's.
McDonald's You deserve a break McDonald's.
McDonald's We love to see you smile.
McDonald's What we're made of.
Panda Express Chinese FoodGourmet Chinese Food
Panda Express Chinese FoodChinese for: Yummy.
Papa John's PizzaPapa John's. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.
Pizza HutNow You're Eating!
Pizza HutGather 'Round the Good Stuff
Popeye's Chicken Louisiana Fast
Popeye's Chicken Love That Chicken From Popeye's
Quiznos SubQuiznos Sub. Mmmm… Toasty!
Red Robin Gourmet BurgersRed Robin - Yum!
Rio WrapsNot Fast Food... It's Fresh Food Fast
Sonic Drive-In Fast Food ChainAmerica's Drive-In.
Sonic Drive-In Fast Food ChainSonic's got it... others don't
Sonic Drive-In Fast Food ChainNot just good... it's Sonic good.
SubwaySubway. Eat fresh.
SubwayThe Way A Sandwich Should Be
Taco Bell Think Outside the Bun
Taco Bell Make a run for the border
Taco Bell Fourth Meal
Taco Bell Why Pay More!?
Taco Bell "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" (I Want Taco Bell in English)
Taco Bell Live Mas (means live more)
Wendy'sDo what tastes right.
Wendy'sWendy's. Quality is our Recipe.
Wendy'sIt's better here.
Wendy'sWhere's the Beef?
Wendy'sIt's better than fast food...It's Wendy's.
White CastleWhite Castle. What you crave
Zero's SubsZero's Subs. We're Hot and on a Roll.

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