carlton draught beer chase

Carlton Draught – Beer Chase (Video) – 2012

A hilarious Carlton Draught TV advert launched in 2012. As crazy as a chase scene can get, the criminals and cops are mimicking cars. The best part is the road block! TVC Title: Beer Chase Brand: Carlton Draught Category: Beer (Alcoholic) Year: 2012 (Aug)

utec launches creative billboard

Creative Billboard: Converts Air Humidity to Drinkable Water

UTEC, one of the water charities, teamed up with Mayo DraftFCB to make a creative billboard in Lima, the capital of Peru, to solve the water issues in the city. For those of you who are not aware, Lima suffers from the lack of drinking water because of pollution and lack of rain. Taking up this challenge, the team identified atmospheric


Clueless Photographers: All Gear and No Idea?

You must have known atleast one person around you, who started claiming to be a professional photographer after buying a DSLR camera. Well, that’s the insight Sony’s new campaign “DSLR Gear, No Idea” hits on to launch its new breed of compact cameras, NEX. I must say that the consumer insight that they have built on is brilliant, and it

obama wants your virginity ad campaign

Obama wants your virginity

As the US elections campaign race tightens dramatically, Mr. President, Barack Obama, has gone a step ahead in his election campaign. He is out there asking for young women’s virginity. Well, electoral virginity to be specific. The ad focuses on a young girl, Lena Dunham, explaining the importance of doing it with the right person, when doing it for the