Domino’s: Powered by Pizza

Domino’s knows how one missed pizza delivery can deprive us of a great invention, an amazing discovery or just plain awesomeness. Domino’s through its latest ad campaign puts forward the message that behind every inquisitive brain, and behind every great invention, a Domino’s pizza is a requisite. So, after travelling through the geographical distances and racing against time, Domino’s staff

cocacola wearable movie

Coca-Cola Produces World’s First Wearable Movie

When it comes to talking about some great guerrilla campaigns, Coca-Cola is one of the first brands that pops-up in my mind. And, why not, Coca-Cola has worked on some amazing viral campaigns to win a share of happy customers for itself, just like this wearable movie campaign. Coca-Cola decided to thank a bunch of people that helped the company


Antarctica Turns Empty Beer Cans into Metro Tickets

We are all aware about drunk driving, and what kind of hazard it can be for not only one’s own life but for many others on the same road. To be honest, at times just preaching does not teach one a lot about the do’s and don’ts. Most people charged with drunk driving are usually aware of all the consequences,


Double Your Income Without an Extra Job?

In today’s time, it is undoubtedly very difficult to make ends meet when most of us are already struggling to keep our eyes off the latest designer dresses, and a high end lifestyle, as we queue up to pay our pending electricity bills. No wonder, a lot of people have been taking up multiple jobs to get a little extra


MK Mountain Resort – Cotton Lungs of the City

While living in a city, we may not realize the everyday hazards that we go through because of the polluted air and the stressful noise pollution. You cannot possibly live a peaceful life in a city, until you take a break and a breath of fresh air at a nice holiday resort. In order to get a similar message through,


Carex – Dirty Money Campaign

No matter how much we love money, it is a stated fact that money is one of the most heavily contaminated things that we handle every day. With the same currency note being transacted hundreds of times a day, it should not be a surprise to anyone of us that even new looking currency notes that you happily take in


Change Your Life With Maple Leaf Bacon

Life of a working women can never get easy. From doing household chores, taking care of the kids to doing the laundry, preparing meals, cleaning the house and coping up with the office work, yet making sure they always look immaculate. With so much to do, they all tend to wish there was an easier way to life. Or maybe


Barclays English Premier League – Love is Tough

With the new season of Barclays English Premier League underway, the football fever is on the rise. Men and women across the world are going crazy over the idea of catching up on the new season between their favourite teams, as they gear up with their favourite club jerseys and a bowl of popcorn and other snacks, in front of