Donate Your Voice for ALS

ALS is a terrible disease that robs a person of their ability to speak. Thousands of people across the world are suffering from this terrible disease and are deprived of their utmost right of speaking up for themselves. I can only imagine how terrible it is likely to be to keep one’s feelings confined to oneself, and not being able


The Bank of Mum and Dad is in Trouble – Shelter

The Bank of Mum and Dad that had been selflessly providing money for all the needy ones at home, to spend on bubblegums and jaw breakers and had been paying for the more important school and college fees over the years, is now running short of resources. The bank is shutting down and it certainly is not a good news.


This World Humanitarian Day, The World Needs More

This world humanitarian day, in remembrance of the bombings at the UN headquarters in Baghdad, a decade ago, the UN joined hands with Beyonce and Gucci to come up with its recent advertising campaign. This campaign paid tribute to aid workers and volunteers across the world who spend days and nights, selflessly in perilous situations across the world to serve


Samsung Expedia Gives Away a “Trip a Day”

Imagine you are walking in a park and randomly a man intrudes and asks about a place that you have always wanted to visit, and poof! You are at your favourite holiday destination, having a great time and living your dream. Sounds nothing less than a crazy dream, that you wake up from with the sound of your alarm, right?

audi exchange

The Audi A3 Exchange Campaign

No matter how much we love our rusty old family cars with broken seat-belts and the noisy engine, it would always sound like a great idea to get it exchanged for a brand new Audi A3. You are possibly wondering, who in this selfish world would be generous enough to do such favours. Well, if you are thinking so, this


World’s First Tweeting Honey Badger at Johannesburg Zoo

At the Johannesburg Zoo, the Social Media Manager position had been vacant for quite sometime, and after a rigorous recruitment process, just the right candidate was selected for the position, the Zoo’s honey badger, BG! Most of you must be wondering, how can a Badger possibly take the position of the Social Media Manager at one of the most popular


Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal Chocolate & Trouble Go Together

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal means trouble: that’s how this brand is positioned. But why? Because it tastes so good. This edgy positioning is highlighted quiet well with a tinch of humour in this TVC that went live on national TV earlier this week in the UK. Like the commercials that have recently preceded it, ‘Revolutionary Chocolatier’ tells the story of


Is Native Advertising a New “Buzz” Word for Marketers?

Being a marketer myself, I can tell you that we are always on the lookout for new jargons to categorize our campaigns, tools and ideas. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have an influence over the industry’s value chain. Like every industry, marketers and advertisers have to evolve to keep up with the every changing consumer. Thanks to media and