China Reunites Missing Children

In China, every year around 20,000 children go missing, and are sold into child prostitution, slave labour or are forced to beg. However, living in a country with over 1.4 billion population, the helpless parents and guardians have started losing hope of seeing their children again, any time soon. Finally, the pleas of these distressed parents and guardians were heard


Milka – Dare to be Tender?

Don’t we all form consensus over the idea that the sweetest part of a chocolate bar is the last piece? Keeping this insight in mind, Milka decided to keep the last piece of chocolate to themselves instead. You are possibly wondering if such kind of campaigns can actually turn out to be popular. Well, yes, this campaign earned thousands of


Don’t Depend on Subtitles – Britanico English Institute

Britanico English Institute, an English teaching center in Peru, came up with a crazy, and a barely legal ad campaign to promote their service. As millions of online users in Peru downloaded movies from various online links, subsequently looking for English to Spanish subtitles to eliminate language barriers, Britanico devised a nasty plan to gain a few clients. Britanico decided


NZI Insures You Against ‘The Devil’s Chair’

A brilliant animated television advertisement by NZI, an insurance company in New Zealand, shows how bad luck can destruct our lives and career so it is always a good idea to be insured before the unseen happens. This ad narrates a short story of a cursed chair that takes bad luck with itself, wherever it goes. From flooding offices, to

coca cola-billbaord-name

Your Name in Lights – Coca Cola

It seems like Coca Cola and their guerrilla campaigns have a long way to go. After coming up with a bunch of innovative guerrilla campaigns already this year, it did not surprise me to see yet another amazing marketing effort by the most creative company. Earlier, Coca Cola in Israel came up with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that lets


The On-Job Interview by Radar

Radar in Kenya came up with a great campaign to hire security guards for its company. The company hid a total of 200 fake notes at tricky places under a number of vehicles. The security guards who found the note, were presented the offer of working for Radar at a much better pay-scale. Interesting right? What could be a better

Ironage Introduces The Pulse Machine

Ironage, a sports drink company from Brazil came up with a great vending machine campaign called ‘The Pulse Machine’ to promote its product. The pulse machine was set up at various places that are always crowded with sport enthusiasts like, gyms and parks. This vending machine as the name suggests, read the pulse rate of individuals and offered discounts on

power inside - intel & toshiba

Intel and Toshiba Release First Episode of ‘The Power Inside’

Remember just a few days back, we talked about this upcoming movie, ‘The Power Inside,’ produced in collaboration by Intel and Toshiba. Well, it is about time you gear up with fake moustaches and uni-brows along with popcorn and soda cans in front of your screen, because the first episode is here! Actually, after viewing the trailer, I think I