10+ Healthy Ice Cream Brands & Alternatives

[tps_header]If its one of those days when you’re on a diet to lose weight or following a fitness regime, and you’re craving a scrumptious scoop of ice cream, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of healthy ice cream brands and ice cream alternatives for your sweet tooth.


Low Calorie Ice Creams

You can often find low calorie healthy ice cream brands that can fulfill your craving and keep your calorie count low. Don’t forget to check the organic section in your neighborhood store, or the corner of the ice cream freezer.

Low calorie ice creams have a limited market share because only a small percentage of health conscious people are interested in buying them.

Here is a compilation of healthy low calorie ice creams that you can look out for: [/tps_header]

1. Enlightened Ice Cream



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