Top 5 Ways International Hotels Can Attract Chinese Tourists

It seems nowadays everyone is talking about the emerging Chinese tourist class and how best to attract these new high-rollers and high-fliers. Digital Jungle, a leading digital agency based in Beijing, has created a list of the top five ways international hotels can attract Chinese tourists. As the Chinese economy continues to develop, increasing numbers of Chinese citizens will have both the desire and the disposable income to take leisure trips abroad. Below are the top 10 most searched destinations (based on increased interest YoY) by Chinese tourists, according to Daodao (TripAdvisor’s Chinese brand name).  Especially interest is the fact that interest in several locations rose by over 500% despite regional tensions and other non-economic influential factors.

  1.  Kyoto – 580%
  2. Jeju Island, South Korea – 570%
  3. Kota Kimbalu, Malaysia – 550%
  4. Hanoi – 510%
  5. Paris – 360%
  6. Boracay, Philippines – 360%
  7. Taiwan – 350%
  8. Bali – 310%
  9. New York – 280%
  10.  Bangkok – 270%




Top 5 Ways International Hotels Can Attract Chinese Tourists


1.  Creating a Digital Presence in China

Coming in at number one is creating a digital presence on Chinese social media and on the Chinese internet. Consumers in China tend to mistrust official product reviews and marketing campaigns from branded sources, so the importance of social media and the peer-generated feedback created on social media platforms is amplified. Digital Jungle is a leading expert in social media and content marketing, and they have been helping companies effectively market their hotel offers to the Chinese consumers.  Hiring a digital marketing company that has the resources and know how to help attract Chinese tourist is the first step in attracting Chinese tourist.


2.  Creating a Chinese Website

Another important aspect is creating and maintaining a Chinese language website. This goes beyond a landing page and all the way to the payment and continued services. Helping Chinese consumers from start to finish is key and remember, social media works more effectively when used in conjunction with search engine marketing and optimization (SEO & SEM) campaigns. It is pivotal to get your websites on the first page of results on Baidu and Sogou if you want them to be seen by Chinese netizens.


3.  Chinese Speaking Staff

Hotels that have Chinese speaking staff are more likely to attract Chinese tourists. This seems very obvious but it is important to share because Chinese consumers generally like to research products thoroughly online and rarely make purchases on impulse. This will be especially so for holidays as 70% of Chinese travellers use the internet as their main source of information about trips, according to Having Chinese speaking staff is important because many Chinese will interact (or attempt to interact) with hotels before booking their holidays.


4.  Translated Materials

No matter whom you are or where you come from, there is nothing quite like the reassuring presence of something familiar when away from home. Having translated welcome materials and a Chinese member of staff on duty at all times will help resolve any problems. This goes hand and hand with the pervious tip and should be obvious. Translated materials including maps of the local area are a great way to ensure that Chinese guests have a pleasant time at your hotel.


5.  Understanding Your Hotel

Another aspect that should not be looked over is the location of your hotel. Understanding your location and how Chinese consumers view your location is a critical step before you start your marketing campaign. If Chinese tourists view your location has “rich” you may or may not want to leverage your room rate. Advertising your hotel has a budget hotel might attract a lot of budget travels that are more interested in spending money on shopping or entertainment. On the other hand, you could leverage your prestige or exclusive services offering luxury travels stories that are not easily forgotten.



There are many different strategies to use when marketing to the Chinese consumer and each strategy has its own merit. If you are having trouble attracting the new and wealthy Chinese tourist, now it the time to contact an expert and capitalize on this growing market opportunity. Chinese tourists are coming whether or not you are ready. Don’t lose money and market share to your competitor by failing to capitalize on this opportunity.

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