Top Ways For Teens To Make Money Online?


Teenagers these days have a never-ending bucket list. From travel plans to buy PSP’s, PlayStations and other gadgets, teens want to lay their hands on anything and everything they can. Being a parent, one might be fed up with buying their young ones new mobile phones every month, and yeah one should be fed up with this. No phone is cheap to buy in the 21st century.

However, for teenagers, we have some ways for teens to make money online. Are you interested in making money, sitting in your very own room, with a cup of coffee? If yes, then you can quickly start off with a laptop and a high-speed internet connection. Read on to know how you can make money as a teenager.


How To Make Money Online As A Teen

YouTube Channel

Hey teens, YouTube is not just for listening songs and grabbing on every viral video or other such time wasting things. You can be the one who can make out some handsome money from YouTube. YouTube now allows every single person with a Gmail account, to make their channel on YouTube and entertain people with their videos.

If you believe that video making is your type of thing and you are confident enough that you can produce your content, then start off right now. If you can have a specific number of subscribers and some regular viewers of your videos, YouTube will surely pay you enough provided that you follow all the copyright terms and conditions.

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Enough with the cinematography and social media! People have other skills too, and they can be put to good use. How about reading and writing skills? Well, freelancing is a field where your skills are desperately required.

Many websites such as, Fiverr and are a platform for those who can write. Website owners and those who are in the field of digital marketing often require youngsters who can write for them. Be it blogs or product reviews. Choose your niche and visit these websites as soon as possible. Not just article writing, but proofreading, editing, add posting and data entry jobs are various other categories of freelancing.


Online Trading

Online trading is a fantastic new trick to earn money. You just get rid of the stuff you need no longer, but for that, you don’t have to waste time in markets etc.

But just post an advertisement, about your stuff. A catchy description may help to get you more viewers. is a rapidly growing platform for online trading.


Make A Website

If you want to generate a consistent income online, then making your website may help you to do so. Creating a site at Bluehost is just so easy and cheap too. WordPress is another platform for building your website. Optimized and original content on your website will help you have more and more visitors and thus even more money.


Sponsored Advertisements

Fact: we all hate advertisement pop-ups while surfing online, but if you want to make money online then has an innovative idea. An add-plugin will be installed in your browser, and you’ll get to see sponsored ads alongside every search result. Each result has a specific cash reward attached within. Seems cool enough! Earn money by doing nothing extra. More surfing online, more money.


Affiliate Marketing

The name seems a bit tacky, but the work isn’t much. If you already own a blog or a website, but you aren’t satisfied with what you get when you can start the business of affiliate marketing. You’ll just have to promote products and services of other companies by adding a link to their sites on your website. Sign up with Owen Network to become an affiliate. If someone purchases something from a website using your link, you’ll get an excellent commission.


Sell Your Notes

Often intelligent students want to make money online, but without compromising on their studies. For such study freaks, Note sale is the place. Students who can make right lecture notes can sell them online to those who need them. Stevia is another platform for marketing your notes.



It is a fact that money can’t buy everything, but money can buy you many things. Also, that money cannot buy you happiness, but at least it’s better to carry on a leather sofa rather than crying on a roadside. So if you are up to make money online, start it right away. In practical life, this experience would count a lot. The World Wide Web is a vast field, and once you step in it, you’ll find many other ways of making money online. Good luck!



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