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Dr. Seuss Quotes & Sayings

If you grew up watching The Cat in the Hat then you’re probably a fan of Dr. Seuss quotes. The American author is widely known for his absurd (or in other words, absolutely brilliant) literary works. He’s particularly known for writing some of the world’s most popular children books that have sold millions of copies all over the world. Popular


20+ Insightful Carl Jung Quotes to Make You Ponder

Carl Jung deeply supported Freud, since they shared similar interests in unconsciousness, just like him. Jung was an active member of the Wednesday Psychological Society, currently known as Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Requested by Freud, Carl Jung became the president of International Psychoanalytic Society when it was formed in 1910. Moreover, in 1912, Jung criticized Freud’s theory of Oedipus complex and


125+ Buddha Quotes on Peace, Happiness and Love

Buddha quotes and sayings exuberate feelings of peacefulness, tranquility, and change. These are all components of a happy life. However, along the way, it gets easy to lose sight of what’s really important in life. Buddha has inspired millions around the world through his wise teachings, deep questions, and philosophical insights. With time, Buddha understood that meditation was the only


21+ Inspiring Stephen Curry Quotes to Motivate You

There are thousands of fans who look up for Stephen Curry quotes to inspire and motivate themselves. Stephen Curry, a pro basketball player, has had an impact on thousands, if not millions, of his fans with his strength, passion and a go-getter attitude. High-school grads to long time NBA fans look up to him to get the most out of


78+ Yoda Quotes About Fear, Failure & Patience

Yoda is known for his wisdom. And so, we’ve put together a collection of Yoda quotes and sayings that are not only applicable to the fictional universe of Star Wars, but also our lives and selves. Wisdom comes with a combination of time, experience and exposure to a wide variety of situations. But the 2 most essential elements that enlighten


120+ Meaningful Quotes that Make You Think About Life

Meaningful quotes about life can encourage an individual to do some soul searching, ask deeper questions, and reflect on the unsaid principles of everyday life. There is a lot of wisdom behind them, and these sayings are quoted by people who have seen life from different perspectives. Last month, we pondered over the meaning of life, and posted a large list