Low Self Esteem: Signs, Causes, and Fixes

Low self esteem, is a phrase that we hear too often in our surroundings. But to fully understand its principle, we need to first comprehend, what is self esteem? Self esteem, by definition, means “a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude.” New job, new


Classical Conditioning: An In-depth Overview

Classical conditioning is among the most primary concepts that’s explained in psychology. Most folks are aware that classical conditioning revolves around associative learning whereas others are familiar with Pavlov’s famous dog experiment. In this guide, we’ll be providing you an in-depth overview of classical conditioning and what it’s all about. What is Classical Conditioning? How do we define classical conditioning?

Self Esteem Activities to Help You Overcome Low Confidence

In a perfect world, everybody would be resilient and confident but this is planet earth and that’s probably why we have self esteem activities. Don’t worry, though. Nobody is born with limitless so if you see someone who’s incredibly self-assured, it’s probably because they’ve been working on it for years. Living with low self esteem can be damper. If you’re

feelings vs emotions

Feelings vs Emotions: Difference and Examples

Feeling vs Emotions, the battle of these two sensations is an endless one. Although feelings and emotions are entirely different from each other, more or less, we tend to use these words interchangeably to explain the same thing, i.e. how something or someone makes us feel. Even though, feelings and emotions are closely related, but they are different instances. Understanding


20+ Insightful Carl Jung Quotes to Make You Ponder

Carl Jung deeply supported Freud, since they shared similar interests in unconsciousness, just like him. Jung was an active member of the Wednesday Psychological Society, currently known as Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Requested by Freud, Carl Jung became the president of International Psychoanalytic Society when it was formed in 1910. Moreover, in 1912, Jung criticized Freud’s theory of Oedipus complex and


12+ Proactive & Retroactive Interference Theory Examples

In this post, we’re going to illustrate proactive interference examples and retro interference examples to explain both concepts and theories as clearly as possible. But first, let’s take a step back. Have you ever wondered how your subconscious mind works? What happens to old memories when new ones are made? Well, one thing’s for sure: the mind works in mysterious


Remembering Things Quickly: 10+ Ways to Get Better

Remembering things is not as difficult, as we tend to believe sometimes. And struggling to remember things could be an outcome of the number of reasons we described the other day. Even though, there are a few skills that do not require any retention in your memory past a certain age. For instance, geometry, physics, or maybe just something as simple as