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10 Ways How To Make Money Online As A Teen


Many people want to know how to make money online as a teen, say ten years back this thought was impossible it seemed that people would scam you if you try to make through the web.

Everyone nowadays is in a rush to earn more, with the advancement in technology the world of internet has open new and realistic ways of earning money online. Teenagers have a lot of time free and rather than wasting it on the social media platforms, one can utilise that time by trying different methods for earning online. Making money online is possible and the possibilities are endless, here are ten ways through which you can make money.

Top Ways How To Make Money Online As A Teen

Sell Stock Photos

iStockPhoto is only one site that permits you to offer stock photographs. Have three executioner stock photographs prepared for iStockPhoto’s examination; they will need them when you join.

Sell Stuff On eBay

Begin by offering your additional stuff. Sign an agreement where you take 25-30% or a more significant amount of the gross deal. Your clients will be upbeat to get money for their old garbage, and you’ll profit offering different people groups stuff.

Offering A Service

Giving an administration might be the least demanding approach to begin is you needn’t bother with any venture to get this going. My podcast manager Ian Robinson is podcasting makers alter their shows to expand generation esteem. There is a wide range of approaches to give an administration, and it’s just about acknowledging where your ability lies and what arrangement you can accommodate others.

Become A Freelance Writer

Become a freelance writer if you are good at writing. If you have plenty of time and you can work with dedication then this is a good way to make money as a teenager. Compose an article and submit it to article directories. Your potential customer incorporates blogger advertisers and small organisations.

Paid To Review

Set up a site or a blog and begin a survey sit, Website proprietors and bloggers will pay toy to post an audit of their webpage on your webpage. It helps them get the word out and helps you profit.

Get Paid To Read Emails

You get paid for perusing messages. Consistently you get paid notes in your inbox with the connections to a various site which you need to snap and view for a few moments.

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Write Articles On

If you comprehend the fundamental of watchword exploration, you can make a decent month to month wage from eHow. eHow pays you a rate of the advertisement income they make from every “How To” article you make.

Affiliate Marketing

You sell other peoples stuff for a commission by redirecting your website visitors to them. You can find digital products like e-books and short reports to promote on sites like “Clickbank” and

Get Paid To Search

Web indexes are enormous cash producers. Consistently new web indexes pup up all around, they pay you to utilise their website to seek. Fundamentally they impart their profit from their promoters to you.

Help Local Business Develop Their Online Presence

Nearby organisations have sites, however, aren’t getting any outcomes from them. Others don’t have places by any stretch of the imagination. You can gain from SEO how to set up an email rundown and after that is executing these for neighborhood organisations.


Top Ways For Teens To Make Money Online?


Teenagers these days have a never-ending bucket list. From travel plans to buy PSP’s, PlayStations and other gadgets, teens want to lay their hands on anything and everything they can. Being a parent, one might be fed up with buying their young ones new mobile phones every month, and yeah one should be fed up with this. No phone is cheap to buy in the 21st century.

However, for teenagers, we have some ways for teens to make money online. Are you interested in making money, sitting in your very own room, with a cup of coffee? If yes, then you can quickly start off with a laptop and a high-speed internet connection. Read on to know how you can make money as a teenager.


How To Make Money Online As A Teen

YouTube Channel

Hey teens, YouTube is not just for listening songs and grabbing on every viral video or other such time wasting things. You can be the one who can make out some handsome money from YouTube. YouTube now allows every single person with a Gmail account, to make their channel on YouTube and entertain people with their videos.

If you believe that video making is your type of thing and you are confident enough that you can produce your content, then start off right now. If you can have a specific number of subscribers and some regular viewers of your videos, YouTube will surely pay you enough provided that you follow all the copyright terms and conditions.

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Enough with the cinematography and social media! People have other skills too, and they can be put to good use. How about reading and writing skills? Well, freelancing is a field where your skills are desperately required.

Many websites such as, Fiverr and are a platform for those who can write. Website owners and those who are in the field of digital marketing often require youngsters who can write for them. Be it blogs or product reviews. Choose your niche and visit these websites as soon as possible. Not just article writing, but proofreading, editing, add posting and data entry jobs are various other categories of freelancing.


Online Trading

Online trading is a fantastic new trick to earn money. You just get rid of the stuff you need no longer, but for that, you don’t have to waste time in markets etc.

But just post an advertisement, about your stuff. A catchy description may help to get you more viewers. is a rapidly growing platform for online trading.


Make A Website

If you want to generate a consistent income online, then making your website may help you to do so. Creating a site at Bluehost is just so easy and cheap too. WordPress is another platform for building your website. Optimized and original content on your website will help you have more and more visitors and thus even more money.


Sponsored Advertisements

Fact: we all hate advertisement pop-ups while surfing online, but if you want to make money online then has an innovative idea. An add-plugin will be installed in your browser, and you’ll get to see sponsored ads alongside every search result. Each result has a specific cash reward attached within. Seems cool enough! Earn money by doing nothing extra. More surfing online, more money.


Affiliate Marketing

The name seems a bit tacky, but the work isn’t much. If you already own a blog or a website, but you aren’t satisfied with what you get when you can start the business of affiliate marketing. You’ll just have to promote products and services of other companies by adding a link to their sites on your website. Sign up with Owen Network to become an affiliate. If someone purchases something from a website using your link, you’ll get an excellent commission.


Sell Your Notes

Often intelligent students want to make money online, but without compromising on their studies. For such study freaks, Note sale is the place. Students who can make right lecture notes can sell them online to those who need them. Stevia is another platform for marketing your notes.



It is a fact that money can’t buy everything, but money can buy you many things. Also, that money cannot buy you happiness, but at least it’s better to carry on a leather sofa rather than crying on a roadside. So if you are up to make money online, start it right away. In practical life, this experience would count a lot. The World Wide Web is a vast field, and once you step in it, you’ll find many other ways of making money online. Good luck!


How to Start a Book: The Ultimate Guide

Practically anyone can learn how to start a book. In fact, we fully encourage you to pursue your life-long dream of being an author!

After all, everybody has a unique voice of their own and deserves a chance to share their story.

Well, what are you waiting for then? It’s time you get started.


How to Start a Book: A Step by Step Guide

Contrary to popular belief, getting a book published isn’t as challenging as the actual writing process. This is primarily because the internet has blessed the world with so many self-publishing opportunities. And anyway, that’s something you’ll have to worry about after you’ve finished writing the book.

Are you writing for the first time? Fret not, here’s everything you need to know about how to start a book:

Figure out What Your Book is About

What kind of book would you like to write about? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you want to write fiction or nonfiction?
  2. What genre are you interested in? Are you writing a self-help book or a thriller?
  3. Are there some people you can contact for help?
  4. Are you really passionate about what you want to write about?
  5. Is there a specific reason why you’re writing a book?

Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll find yourself a step closer to your ultimate goal. This little exercise will help you decide what you really want to write about. You can also choose to write a memoir or something work-related. Remember to pen down all your ideas in a journal.

Mind mapping is important and will act as a force of motivation or encouragement for when or if you’re faced with challenges in the future.

Start Researching

If you’re writing an instructional book or something that’s going to educate others, research is important. Fact-checking also becomes essential if your story is based on prehistoric times or is about a different country.

Before initiating the writing process, start researching first. We recommend you create a file and organize important information that you’ve collected. This could include anecdotes, facts, quotes and other reference materials that’ll come in handy later on.

Decide a Word Count

Now it’s time to get down to the specifics. Once you know what you’re going to write about, you’ll need to set a goal for yourself. After deciding the word count, figure out how to divide each chapter into equal lengths. You’ll also have to decide a daily and weekly target.

Hold yourself accountable or ask somebody to check up on you from time to time. A short eBook typically comprises of 20,000 words whereas a standard-length novel has about 60,000–80,000 words.

Business white papers and pamphlets are typically much shorter but you can always mix and match the lengths according to your personal preference.

Build Your Characters

This is perhaps the most exciting part of all. Your characters will serve as the soul and essence of your book so you ought to start mind mapping immediately. Perhaps you already have a character in mind or are planning to write about yourself. In this case, building your characters will become a tad easier.

If you’re creating a person from scratch, you’ll need to figure everything out about their life. What does he/she study? What are his/her secrets, hobbies, goals? These are just a few things that you’ll need to think about. An example of a brilliant character is Pip from Great Expectations or Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. A strong character acts nothing short of a friend and will stay with the reader until the very end.

Create an Outline

After you’ve thought about the main characters, start thinking about the outline of your book. You don’t have to stick to the same framework and can improvise as you write but at the same time, you’ll need to follow a specific pattern or structure.

Here’s what your outline should include:

  • A brief description of what would happen in each chapter
  • An overview of the primary conflict or struggle
  • Must include an idea of how major events will transpire or unfold

Rest assured, you’re free to improvise any time during the writing process.

Achieve Your Writing Goals

Figure out a way to achieve your weekly writing goals. It’s important to celebrate progress and give yourself a pat on the back every step of the way. However, at the same time, be honest about how much work you’ve still left to do. This is one of the most crucial steps on your pursuit on how to start a book.

Get Feedback

Possibly nothing could sting more than having to rewrite your masterpiece. Have a couple of trusted advisors/editors/experts read what you’ve written. It doesn’t even have to be a fellow writer or someone experienced, you can simply reach out to your friends and family.

Ask them all kinds of questions to ensure the book is headed towards the right direction. Just make sure that you’re receiving honest feedback.

Don’t Lose Hope!

We admire your goals of being a writer! So don’t lose hope and keep going! Consider joining a writing group to keep track of progress. This way, you’ll also receive guidance and support from people that have similar goals as yourself.

Wrapping it up

We hope will answer all your questions about how to start a book. If you’re an emerging author, what are some of your tips and tricks for writing a book? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

5 Addictive Keyboarding Online Games to Improve Typing

Web & desktop applications available for keyboarding online can be beneficial for people and kids (or parents) looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy. However, apps that teach people to type can be extremely boring; and similar to a boring teacher, a run of the mill application for keyboarding online is not going to do any good for the students.

If you’re looking to improve your typing skills, a great way to learn is through a keyboarding application or a game that can engage you in a fun way. Such an application will gamify your learning process, making you better, quicker and sharper at typing.

Here are some addictive keyboarding online games, that can help you improve your typing skills drastically. So if you’ve been wanting to get better at typing, or are looking for a keyboard learning solution for your kids, these free games can be extremely useful.


1. Keyboard Ninja

A Fruit Ninja style game that takes you on a typing journey to slice fruits with the letters on your keyboard.


Play Keyboard Ninja

2. Z-Type

A very cool space shooter game forcing the player to type the letters on each enemy ship before destroying it. It gets faster after each wave to raise the bar.


Play Z-Type


3. Keyboarding Game by BigBrownBear

A very minimalistic and simple keyboarding game that keeps track of correct and incorrect key presses. Too many mistakes can take your score in the negative.


Play Keyboarding Game by BigBrownBear


4. Keyboard Mayhem

A crazy game where you have to type the words as fast as possible to keep the beast at bay.


Play Keyboard Mayhem


5. Typing Race

A racing game where you would have to type your way through traffic.


Play Typing Race

4 Useful Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Are you struggling to take a screenshot on Mac? It could be one of the two reasons. Either you’ve never felt the need to take a screenshot on mac before, or you’re one of the newbies to the Apple Macintosh. Whatever the case maybe, take this as a quick guide to learn a few useful shortcuts to help you with what you came here for.


Taking a screenshot on a mac is actually quite straightforward and easy. If you are a complete noob, it may appear to you at first that you might need to install a third party application. But that’s not true. In fact mac’s built in screenshot taking feature is quite impressive. I must admit that learning the shortcut to taking screenshots on mac has turned out to be really productive for me in making presentations and doing some graphical changes here and there.


There are several ways to take a screenshot with mac, but I find the following more relevant and useful for day to day use.


A. Screenshot of the entire display on Mac


1. How to take a screenshot of the entire display on mac and save it as a PNG file on the desktop?

Press [Command – Shift – 3] as shown in the image below. Your screenshot of the entire display will be saved on the desktop as a PNG file. In the case of multiple monitors, a different file for each display will be saved.Take-a-Screenshot-on-Mac


2. How to take a screenshot of the entire display on mac and copy it on the clipboard?

If you don’t prefer saving a PNG file of your display screenshot on the desktop, you can copy it on the clipboard instead. This method comes in very handy specially when you’re working on a Powerpoint document or Photoshop, because you can just copy the screenshot directly on your mac’s memory and paste it in the document.

Press [Command – Control – Shift – 3] as shown in the image below to copy the entire display on the mac’s clipboard.



B. Screenshot of an area / selection


3. How to take a screenshot of a selected area on mac and save it as a PNG file on the desktop?

Press [Command – Shift – 4] as shown in the image below. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair that will allow you to make a selection on the screen:


Crosshair Icon

Once you’re done making your selection, the screenshot of the selected area on the screen will be saved on the desktop as a PNG file.



4. How to take a screenshot of a selected area on mac and copy it on the clipboard?

Press [Command – Control – Shift – 4] as shown in the image below to copy the entire display on the mac’s clipboard.


[divider] [/divider]

Taking a screenshot on mac is a very important feature that I learnt the hard way. It really makes the screenshot taking process quite easier. There are more native mac ways to take screenshots and tons of third party software available, however, the shortcuts displayed above are quite enough and useful for day to day screenshot taking requirements.

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