Snapchat Marketing Strategy for Business

Developing Snapchat Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Objectives: Why do you need a Snapchat Marketing Strategy? A good Snapchat marketing strategy will start with answering 2 basic questions: Do I need to be on Snapchat? – You don’t have to be because your competitors are doing it – evaluate whether your brand personality is relevant, and how can you translate into a social brand What are you trying to


How to Increase Market Share of Your Business?

Learning how to increase market share of your business is a crucial step towards strengthening your market position against your competitors. But before you try to answer this question, you need to learn what market share is and how is it calculated. In a nutshell, an increase in market share means relatively increasing market revenues against your competitors. Ways in which


What Does Market Share Mean?

What does market share mean to a business owner, who’s trying to understand where his business stands against the competitors? A lot! Market share can help a business, or a marketer, determine what their current standing is in the environment they operate in against their competitors. It refers to the share percentage of business volume in a market. It is often


Marketing Share vs Market Share – What’s the Difference?

At first you might mistakenly assume that both marketing share and market share are the same term. Don’t fall in that trap. Even though marketing share and market share resemble each other in the way they’re written, they mean completely different things. Market share is a business term that helps businesses determine where they stand against their competitors in terms of


How to Calculate Market Share of Your Business?

Understanding how to calculate market share of your business should be your most important goal if you’re running a business, or thinking of starting one. If used correctly, market share can give you a lot of understanding on your current standing as a business, and can also enable you to set a direction of where you want to take your business. Think


What is Share of Voice – Advertising, Marketing, Digital

This a short post that clarifies the “what is SOV?” query, and puts the concept in perspective. Share of voice is a very commonly used terminology in the marketing and advertising of brands. The term may sound complex and raise an eyebrow for someone who hears it for the first time. But don’t be confused by that because it means