10 Digital Advertising Techniques to Drive Results

Advertising techniques have evolved a lot in the last century. And they will continue to evolve because of the ever changing consumers and their media consumption. From being straightforward in convincing a potential customer to buy a product, advertisements these days talk about empowering customers. And rightly so. Gone are the days when convincing consumers was easier through fancy advertising


Looking For An App that Saves Snapchats? We’ve Got 5 For You!

Are you in search of an app that saves Snapchats? Well, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of 5 most popular apps in both iOS and Android that can be used to save Snapchats from your friends. Snapchat is one of the most interesting apps for messaging among teenagers – and this trend is growing amongst older


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Guide: Start Today!

Here for an affiliate marketing for beginners guide? Let’s start with re-iterating what affiliate marketing, before we jump into the details. Affiliate marketing refers to rewarding people (with monetary or non-monetary commissions) for referring potential customers to products. But there is a lot of misconception about and confusion around affiliate marketing in general. In this quick affiliate marketing for beginners guide,


Why are Real Estate Slogans Important for Realtors?

Slogans are of 2 kinds: the truly good ones and everything else. This is because a good slogan will get stuck in your head, keep repeating itself over and over and you cannot get over it. However, if it is not unique, things like “the best” or “number one” guarantee that it will be lost among everything else. So, in case


Krispy Kreme: Slogans & Humble Beginnings

We all probably know of the Krispy Kreme slogan, “Original Glazed Doughnuts” that comes printed on all their boxes. They’ve kept their brand identity really close to their original glazed doughnuts that made them popular. It is a good strategy to stick with what made them popular, and it’s still highly in-demand. Nothing beats a fresh and warm Original Glazed


How Pepsi Slogans Connect with Generations over the Years

We all have a distinct memory with Pepsi. Whether it’s mothers, fathers, grandparents, teenagers, children; every single one has their own memory of when they first fell in love with a Pepsi Slogan. And today we’re here to go down memory lane and see how the Pepsi generation actually started. Growing up my first hazy memory of Pepsi was Michael


14 Clarks Shoe Company Slogans Over the Years

Clarks, a well known show company, is known for popularizing the desert boot in the mid-1900s – and they’ve used a number of slogans over the years. The desert boot is a variant of the chukka boot that went on to become one the most popular boots, and is still a trendy wardrobe item for men as well as for

Why CSR Program Don't Generate Results

Why Your CSR Programs Aren’t Generating Results

Many-a-times companies associate themselves with a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. They do this by contributing to charity organizations and various cause based sponsorship in hopes of improving their business reputation in the eyes of consumers’. But is this approach effective? Does it generate any ROI for your efforts in community participation? Not when motives behind such CSR