40+ Plastic Business Cards and Why You Need Them

Why pay more for plastic business cards, when you can get paper ones made much more cost efficiently? Simple reasons – plastic business cards are more durable and can help your business stand out by giving it a creative ‘zing!’ Similar reasons to why one should order metal business cards. But metal business cards are good if you are aiming for a


25+ Impressive Metal Business Cards for Inspiration

Business cards are one of the most important things required in a business. Why? Well, they are more than just presenting your business, as they represent your presence. But the problem with business cards is that they are expendable. People often get several business cards and it does not make sense to keep them all. So why not invest some


You Won’t Believe What These Guys Did to the Avengers

A self-taught italian prop making duo has done something amazing with the Avengers. They mashed up for superheroes, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor, in a single helmet; and we must say this looks rather amazing! And they were also lucky to get it signed by Stan Lee:     The duo, known as Pannaus Props, make

A Designer ‘Fakes’ Her Passport to Land a Job

The job market is very competitive in the advertising industry, and as a job hunter one really needs to stand out on merits to fetch a job at one of the big agencies. A Romanian designer, Miruna Macri, came up with a great strategy to get her foot in the door in some of the top agencies. She designed her


Yawn to Get a Free Cup of Coffee – Douwe Egberts

After reading the caption of the article, you are possibly wondering if that is even possible? But yes, Douwe Egberts came up with a great idea to sample their product – giving away cups of freshly brewed Douwe Egberts coffee to whoever yawns in front of the coffee machine. One of such machines installed at an airport, made a great


The Power Inside – A Social Film by Intel & Toshiba

After the huge success of “The Beauty Inside” the first social film created by Intel and Toshiba, the two companies in collaboration have come up with an amazing sequel, “The Power Inside.” This movie narrates a tale of aliens disguised as moustaches and uni-brows taking over the world, changing everyone into unthinking drones. The great thing about this social film


11 Best Print Advertisements of 2012

Print advertisements have come a long way as they make one of the oldest and most successful means of promotion for businesses all over the globe. However, in today’s time of viral videos and social media, a lifeless picture printed on a limited newspaper or magazine space, may not seem to be very promising to many business entrepreneurs. And, while