Top Ways For Teens To Make Money Online?

  Teenagers these days have a never-ending bucket list. From travel plans to buy PSP’s, PlayStations and other gadgets, teens want to lay their hands on anything and everything they can. Being a parent, one might be fed up with buying their young ones new mobile phones every month, and yeah one should be fed up with this. No phone


How to Start a Book: The Ultimate Guide

Practically anyone can learn how to start a book. In fact, we fully encourage you to pursue your life-long dream of being an author! After all, everybody has a unique voice of their own and deserves a chance to share their story. Well, what are you waiting for then? It’s time you get started. How to Start a Book: A


5 Addictive Keyboarding Online Games to Improve Typing

Web & desktop applications available for keyboarding online can be beneficial for people and kids (or parents) looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy. However, apps that teach people to type can be extremely boring; and similar to a boring teacher, a run of the mill application for keyboarding online is not going to do any good for the


4 Useful Ways to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Are you struggling to take a screenshot on Mac? It could be one of the two reasons. Either you’ve never felt the need to take a screenshot on mac before, or you’re one of the newbies to the Apple Macintosh. Whatever the case maybe, take this as a quick guide to learn a few useful shortcuts to help you with