What Does Market Share Mean?

What does market share mean to a business owner, who’s trying to understand where his business stands against the competitors? A lot! Market share can help a business, or a marketer, determine what their current standing is in the environment they operate in against their competitors. It refers to the share percentage of business volume in a market. It is often


Marketing Share vs Market Share – What’s the Difference?

At first you might mistakenly assume that both marketing share and market share are the same term. Don’t fall in that trap. Even though marketing share and market share resemble each other in the way they’re written, they mean completely different things. Market share is a business term that helps businesses determine where they stand against their competitors in terms of


How to Calculate Market Share of Your Business?

Understanding how to calculate market share of your business should be your most important goal if you’re running a business, or thinking of starting one. If used correctly, market share can give you a lot of understanding on your current standing as a business, and can also enable you to set a direction of where you want to take your business. Think

The Coolest Butter Knife We’ve Been Waiting for All Our Lives

We’ve all gone through the frustration of having to apply cold and hard butter straight out of the fridge on a slice of toast. Yep. Not matter how careful you are, the hard butter clumps rip your toasts into shreds. Well, your wait is over because The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp Knife is finally here to take your agony away. Now you


A List of 120+ Slogans of Information Technology Companies

As part of our slogans directory project, we’ve collected a list of slogans from information technology companies. It’s a wide collection of 120+ technology slogans covering different types of organizations that includes hardware & software giants, database solutions, technology retailers, telecoms, security companies, and even home appliance manufacturers.


UberConference Simplifies Concall

Gone are the days when people used to go through a tedious process of dialing-in a long phone number and a PIN to connect to a concall. It’s not that people don’t go through this now. They do. But there is a solution to avoid it: UberConference. Being an adman myself, I can relate to this. Often times, the conference