33+ Creative Cereal Slogans & Boxes

[tps_header]Cereal boxes have been a canvas to express creativity for advertisers and pack designers since decades. From creative cereal slogans, catchy cereal names, funky cereal box designs to coming up with games to put on the back of cereal box, marketing teams went way out of the box to attract kids and get them hooked to one of their cereal brands.

While some cereals focused towards mature audiences with health and importance of breakfast through their positioning, box designs and cereal slogans, others gave birth to hundreds, if not thousands, of new character mascots for many kids focused cereals and cereal boxes.

We’ve put together a list of 33+ cereal slogans and boxes that we feel are creative and have stood out with the consumers.


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 1. Alien – Berry punch flavored oat cereal



KFC Makes You Eat The Bones!

KFC’s Boneless Original Recipe makes you want to gulp down the chicken pieces right in the first go, and makes others wonder where did the bones go? Maybe you ate them along with the chicken!

The ad stars a guy (supposedly the father), and a bunch of teens sitting on the front porch enjoying a meal of KFC Boneless Original Recipe. They’re taking bites of the chicken pieces and eating them all up, without taking out the bones. This freaks the father out, who tries to play cool at first, but runs in the house concerned about the kids health, to complain to his wife about it. Oblivious to the fact that the new KFC Boneless Original Recipe contain no bones at all.

So gulp down as many as you can in one go, without worrying about choking yourself with a tiny piece of bone. Also the hassle of discarding the bones in your kitchen dustbin is something you should also not worry about.



Clipper Encourages Infidelity – Change Tastes Good

This latest TVC for Clipper Teas encourages infidelity. You must be wondering, why would a tea brand encourage a social evil. Well, over here infidelity does not refer to cheating on your partners to have an affair with someone else, but instead Clipper encourages you to ditch your regular tea brand and switch to Clipper, because “Change tastes good.”

This ad promoted through the hashtag #DitchTheOldBag, features a bunch of couples from all age groups, enjoying a cup of Clipper tea, who seemingly look happy and faithful, but the bylines read how one of them is having an affair. This affair, is revealed to be an affair with Clipper tea itself. The ad shows how ditching little things in life for something new, may not always mean something bad.

Do you think little changes can make a huge difference?



Coca Cola Feels Like Ahh

Coca Cola can easily be referred to as the ‘guru of marketing’ due to its strong marketing and innovative campaigns that are released every few days all around the world.  From guerilla campaigns, to brilliant TVCs and viral videos, Coca Cola has done it all. So, they decided to do it again.

This animated ad for Coca Cola features a lot in just a 30 second video. From Coke cans with long legs and high heels doing Cha Cha Cha, to an astronaut doing the moonwalk on the moon, a bag of fries dressed up as rock stars and pouty red lips uttering a refreshing “Ahh.”  Because “Every Sip Feels like Ahhh!”

A series of random animations and crazy characters make this ad an interesting one. Coca Cola really knows how to attract audiences through its share of great commercials. What do you think?


loaded griller tacobell

Taco Bell Serves Afternoon Delight

After a tiring day at work, school or at the bingo gaming stations, everyone needs a small break to fill in their tummies and enjoy a hearty meal to give them just the right boost to go back to work. Taco Bell knows exactly how much your stomach grumbles from 2pm to 5pm. So, they came up with a great deal that might not only make you drool all over your keyboard right now, but would also go easy on your pockets!

Didn’t the world just become a happier place to live at? Taco Bell’s Loaded Grillers, here we come with our pocket full of jingling coins!

loaded griller tacobell


Edward Norton’s Wild Ride with Motorola Droid Maxx

What can’t you do in 48 hours, and what can’t happen to you in just a time span of two days? It is something that you might never have thought of, but the possibilities are endless. You can only make out of  it alive if you are Edward Norton and you own the newest Motorola Droid Maxx that gives you 48 hours of battery life.

Norton wakes up in a morgue, confused how he ended up still alive after two days of nothing but trouble. Norton rewinds back to the time where it all started, and trust me, throughout the 48 hours it never got better. The only saving grace that remained, was his Motorola Droid Maxx phone as his faithful companion through all the highs or lows (whichever is worse).

I am sure you won’t find a moment to sit back and take a deep breath till the end of this commercial!


burger king deals

Fan Makes a Burger King Deal with Chris Webber

This TV advertisement by Burger King features Chris Webber and a crazy basketball fan, who is too short to get a clear view of the game, since right in front of him, is the basketball giant himself. Talk about short people problems! But trust me, short people like myself might look too cute to mess around with anyone, but usually know their way for themselves. So does this crazy basketball fan.

The fan makes a deal with Chris Webber, just to get a perfect spot for himself to enjoy the game. He offers the huge and apparently famished basketball star, one sandwich from the latest Burger King’s NCAA Final Four 2 for $5 deal. In exchange Chris lets the man watch the game on his shoulders. So, the message is simple; it does not matter if you are tall or short, the Burger King deal is for all!

burger king


Summer’s Eve Might Threaten Your Masculanity

A recent ad for Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash features a husband, a wife and a deadly mistake! The ad starts as a moment of ‘manly mistake’ happens when the husband bathes himself using the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash, which is apparently specifically formulated for a woman’s “V,” according to the wife. And thus starts a series of manly activities by the husband like chopping wood, drinking raw eggs, playing the drums, doing some boxing routines, belly flopping into a pool, pulling a car with his teeth, making a metal gladiator helmet and then mowing the lawn wearing it, only to redeem the lost manlihood.

Phew, only after all these stressing and physically straining manly activities, the man makes out of the whole mess, still maintaining his manhood. However, according to the wife it was still quite a close call. What do you think?