6+ Popular Best Buy Slogans You Might Not Be Aware Of

Like any other business, Best Buy have also used different slogans for their business and marketing campaigns. Here are some Best Buys slogans that we remember and curated from the internet.


1. You, Happier

Best Buy launched its holiday advertising using the slogan “You, Happier” in 2008.


2. Thousands of Possibilities. Get Yours.

This slogan focuses on highlighting the variety that Best Buy offers at its stores for almost every tech customer.


3. Making Technology work for you

A slogan by Best Buy to reframe its brand proposition to boost sales right before back to school and holiday seasons in 2012.


4. Great Prices, No Pressure

A slogan to focus on Best Buy offering better prices for price sensitive customers.


5. Nobody Does Black Friday Like Best Buy

A Best Buy slogan to promote sales and drive traffic on Black Friday.


6. The World’s Leading Technology Store

Straight-forward and simple slogan that focuses on claiming leadership.


7. Buyer Be Happy

This slogan highlights the customer delight that Best Buy gives its customers.


8. Expert Service. Unbeatable Price.

Another slogan focusing on competitive prices, and claiming expert service.



Would you like to add any Best Buy slogan to this list? Leave it in the comments below.





How to Make a Lightsaber? A Chrome Experiment Can Bring One to Life!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the thought of how to make a Lightsaber must’ve crossed your mind once, if not more times. Well, you might be in for a surprise today.

Google has collaborated with Disney for a Chrome Experiment, to bring you a real Lightsaber (or near to real) experience to promote The Force Awakens movie, that came out earlier this month.

The experiment is called the Lightsaber Escape, and it involves turning your smartphone into a working Lightsaber. As soon as you get through the training, you can battle Stormtroopers in your computer’s browser.

What we loved about this campaign is that it integrates multiple screens seamlessly to create an overwhelming interactive experience,

No need to build your own Lightsaber anymore. Enjoy the experiment.


Visit the Lightsaber Escape website on your desktop, enter the URL displayed in your smartphone’s browser, and battle it out with Stormtroopers! 





20+ Catchy Business Slogans List & Ideas

Catchy business slogans have the ability to become household names and to influence a customer’s purchase decisions.

Slogans for business can make or break your business because they represent your business in the market. They can help establish more brand recall whenever a purchase is being made.

A good business slogan is short, catchy, and enables a business to develop trust and credibility with potential customers. It connects with the customer and makes them think of your business often or in times of need.

If you’re looking for business slogan ideas, don’t try to copy other businesses’ slogans.

Try to take inspiration from everywhere, and then sit down in the comfort of your home or office. Jot down how you see your business, and try to personify it. If your business was a person, how would it be? What would it do for people?

For example, a luxury car can be personified as James Bond. Or Mountain Dew can be personified as someone who is fearless and loves the thrill in life.

Get it?

Now. Think of your business / brand and try to personify it. Once you have a character in mind, try to identify its purpose.

That’s where you will get an inspiration to come up with your slogan.

This is what I do. Try it and share your experience with me.

We’ve compiled a business slogans list, that can help you with some inspiration and get started.

S. No. Generic Business Slogans
1 Making dreams come to life
2 Plan to action
3 We’ll get it done
4 Let’s nail your next project
5 We take pride in your work
6 Put us to test
7 Making your vision come true
8 Quality is what we pursue
9 Our reputation is the proof.
10 You can sleep at night
11 We’re on the top of everything
12 We work to impress
13 We’re better than the rest
14 Getting shit done
15 You dream it. We build it.
16 Strategy before tactics.
17 Marketing is a habit, not an event.
18 Fix the problem, not the blame.
19 Starting is easy, finishing is hard.
20 Compete on value, not on price.


Here are a few brand slogans to illustrate how slogans define what the businesses do:


S. No. Brand Slogan
1 Solatese For every mood, and every move.
2 J Cosmetics Beauty lies within
3 Auto Zone Get in the zone
4 Taco Bun Think outside the bun
5 Disneyland The happiest place on earth
6 BDO We find ways
7 Metrobank You’re in good hands.
8 Walmart Save money, live better
9 Maxwell House Good to the last drop
10 Visa Its everywhere you want to be
11 Ebay Buy it, sell it, love it.
12 Metlife Have you met your life today?
13 Energizer Keeps going and going and going
14 3M Innovation


Write down a few business slogans examples and share it with your friends and family. See what they have to say. 


What is Share of Voice – Advertising, Marketing, Digital

This a short post that clarifies the “what is SOV?” query, and puts the concept in perspective. Share of voice is a very commonly used terminology in the marketing and advertising of brands. The term may sound complex and raise an eyebrow for someone who hears it for the first time.

But don’t be confused by that because it means exactly what you may have understood (or you would have been very close).

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What is Share of Voice (SOV)?

Share of Voice Definition(s)

So, what does SOV mean? Abbreviated as SOV, share of voice is defined as the share of total advertising exposures that a brand gets.

In a nutshell, it is a way to measure a brand’s presence and to gauge how visible a brand was within an advertising medium during a specific time period. It is usually represented as a percentage of the total exposures.

Though it is vital to keep in mind that the share of voice definition, can vary from brand to brand. It can also depend on the methodology and the advertising medium used.


[su_note note_color=”#fcffbf” text_color=”#000000″]What is Media Buying?Check out our detailed guide to understanding the basics of media buying.[/su_note]



Share of Voice Calculation


If you’re wondering how to calculate share of voice, and you think it is a complicated process. You’re wrong. SOV calculation is as simple and straightforward as its definition.

However, you would need some marketing data about your competitors to be able to calculate it.

Share of voice can be calculated against the total industry, multiple categories, or your direct competitors.

Imagine a Telecom client, TELECOM-A, in an advertising / media market with a total of 100 ad exposures. If the total telecom exposures are 40 ads, and TELECOM-A’s exposure is 20 ads, then the SOV of TELECOM A would be 50% against competitors, and 20% against the industry.

Simple. No?

Most commonly, only your direct competitors are considered when calculating SOV.

That’s because you need to understand the competitive environment with relevance to your own brand.


Share of Voice Formula

Total advertising exposures that your brand gets (divided by) Total advertising exposures in your category. 

This gives you the percentage of where you stand against your competitors, when it comes to gaining maximum visibility for your brand.




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87+ Ice Cream Slogans of Famous Brands

Ice Creams have been making us happy since we were kids. We’ve smudged them all over our faces, when we were babies, screamed for it, and craved for it. Have you seen the below video about the Stages of Eating Ice Cream from BuzzFeed?


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For the love of ice creams, following is a list of ice cream slogans of 45+ famous global brands:

87+ Ice Cream Slogans

  1. Ben & Jerry’s
    • Change the World, One Scoop at a time.
    • Vermont’s Finest.
    • Scooping Happiness to Life
  2. Movenpick
    • We’re not just expensive, we’re very expensive.
    • The art of Swiss Ice Cream.
  3. Baskin Robins
    • Let’s take a ride in a world of scoops.
    • More flavor, more fun.
  4. Blue Bell Ice Cream slogans
    • The best ice cream in the country.
    • A taste of heaven on earth.
    • Have yourself a Blue Bell country day.
    • We eat all we can and sell the rest.
  5. Walls
    • Share happy.
    • Stop me and buy one.
  6. Igloo
    • A world of great taste.
  7. London Dairy
    • Premium Ice Cream
  8. Mini Melts
    • The ice cream dream.
  9. Graeter’s
    • Handcrafted confections since way back!
    • Irresistible
    • Handcrafted ice cream.
  10. The Comfy Cow
    • Super Premium Handcrafted Ice Cream and Desserts.
    • Crazy Good Ice Cream.
  11. Marble Slab Creamery
    • The Freshest Ice Cream on Earth.
    • Find Happiness Within.
  12. Cold Stone Creamery
    • The sweetness of everyday life.
  13. Haagen Dazs
    • Even the names taste good.
    • Pleasure is a path to joy.
    • Made like no other.
  14. Breyers
    • It’s way beyond ice cream.
    • Brings the family together.
    • So good, it must be Breyers.
  15. 5 Borough’s Ice Cream
    • One City, A World of Flavors.
  16. Ciao Bella
    • Finest Ice Creams and Sorbets.
  17. Stone Ridge Ice Cream
    • Real Ice Cream
  18. Hershey’s Ice Cream
    • A smile in every scoop.
    • Real ingredients. Real ice cream. Real smiles.
    • It’s premium.
    • The purest kind.
  19. Arctic Zero – Low Calorie Ice Cream
    • So good, you won’t know it’s healthy!
    • A protein shake in ice cream form.
    • Fit Frozen Dessert.
  20. Dreyer’s
    • It’s not just ice cream. It’s Dreyer’s.
    • Dreyer’s. What could be better?
  21. Life Savers
    • Real Fruit Sherbet.
  22. Hood
    • New England’s Ice Cream For More than 100 years.
    • Richer, Creamier Taste.
    • You can feel good about Hood.
  23. Hiland
    • Farmer Owned.
  24. Vadilal
    • Vadilal. Nothing but goodness.
    • The ice cream experts.
    • Vadilal Flingo – A surprise in every bite.
  25. Straus Family Creamery
    • Super Premium Ice Cream
  26. Connoisseur Gourmet
    • Connoisseur. The thrill of the taste.
    • For people with taste.
  27. Edy’s
    • It’s another great reason to smile.
    • A reason to smile.
    • Share a scoop, share a smile.
  28. Klondike
    • The best ice cream bar ever conceived.
    • What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  29. Blue Bunny
    • So good, it’s speaks for itself.
  30. Double Rainbow
    • Awarded best in America.
  31. Magnum
    • Magnum. For pleasure seekers.
    • Enjoy the royal treatment.
    • Magnumize your life.
    • Magnum After Dinner. Little shivers of excitement.
    • Magnum Caramel & Nuts. Got the balls for it?
    • Magnum Double. Now you’ll love it twice as much.
  32. Cornetto
    • Cornetto. Enjoy the ride, love the ending.
  33. Chapman’s Ice Cream
    • Chapman’s. For the kid in all of us!
    • Perfectly delicious.
  34. Perry’s Ice Cream
    • Life is a bowl of Perry’s.
  35. Popsicle
    • Anything’s possible with Popsicle.
    • If it’s Popsicle, it’s possible!
    • If it isn’t Popsicle, it’s just an ice pop.
  36. Good Humor
    • Good Humor. Return to the classics.
  37. Nestle
    • Simply Delicious
  38. Amul
    • Real milk. Real ice cream.
  39. FatBoy Ice Cream
    • Life Never Tasted so Good.
  40. Creamies
    • Fortunately Ice Cream Makes Is All Better
  41. Huckleberry’s
    • Forget Diamonds. Ice Cream is a girl’s best friend.
  42. Galaxy Ice Cream
    • Think chocolate, think chilled, think Galaxy ice cream.
  43. Glace Artisan Ice Cream
    • Doorway to Heaven
  44. Big Moo
    • Real Hand Churned Ice Cream
  45. Carte D’Or
    • Once you’ve got Carte D’Or, you’ve got dessert.
    • Give more. Give Carte D’Or.
    • Savour the emotions.
  46. Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream
    • #FreezeTheJoy
    • The essential ice cream experience.
    • How cool is that?
    • Marvelous Ice Creams.
  47. Glace – Artisan Ice Cream
    • Doorway to Heaven
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12+ Blue Bell Ice Cream Slogans & Jingles

We have gathered a few Blue Bell Ice Cream slogans and jingles to take you down the memory lane. Blue Bell Ice Cream, a division of Blue Bell Creamery, is known to be one of America’s best ice creams. Though the company started out by making and selling butter. it was not until 1911, that they started making ice cream. However, since distribution was a major problem because the modern freezers were not available, the ice cream that they made had to be sold immediately; or this may have led to the famous Blue Bell Ice Cream slogan, We eat all we can, and we sell the rest.

They have 60 flavors (which is a LOT), out of which 43 keep rotating every season, or based on sales/consumer response. Following are some Blue Bell Ice Cream slogans and jingles that we’ve compiled; let us know if we’ve missed any.


Blue Bell Ice Cream Slogans:

  1. The best ice cream in the country.
  2. A taste of heaven on earth.
  3. Have yourself a Blue Bell country day.
  4. We eat all we can and sell the rest.
  5. I get cranky without my Blue Bell.
  6. Blue Bell’s the best ice cream in the country.
  7. Blue Bell’s better by a country smile.
  8. We’re cranky about flavor.
  9. Cow’s think Brenham’s Heaven.
  10. We took the yuk out of yoghurt.
  11. Blue Bell tastes just like the good old days.
  12. It’s a fun thing to eat.
  13. Blue Bell is the state ice cream of Texas.

bluebell ice cream slogans

Blue Bell Ice Cream Jingles/Radio Ads:

1. Have a Blue Bell Day

2. Good Old Days

Check out the how all the yummy ice cream is made inside the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory in Texas:


Domestic Violence Linked with England’s World Cup Knockout

According to the statistics from a research published in the journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, risk of domestic abuse rose 26% when England’s team won, and even hiked upto 38% when they lost. A very powerful campaign by Tender (a non-profit against domestic abuse), British charity for using theatre and the arts to end domestic violence.

“Though research on the rise of domestic violence during the World Cup is relatively new and for lack of a better word, sparse, the trend is alarming and impossible to ignore.  The weather is getting warmer, more drinks will be consumed, emotions will be heightened, and none of this excuses violence. We ask that individuals and organisations to stand together this World Cup season and say ‘No excuses’.” – Tender

You can share it with the hashtag #standupworldcup to show your support to this campaign. Tender-Womans-reaction-to-England-World-Cup-knockout


Girls Are Not Just ‘Pretty’ #InspireHerMind

Women constitute roughly about 50% of the workforce in the US, yet their representation is only 25% in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

And though the blame is usually directed at women for not making these choices, or corporations for not creating equal opportunities for both genders, the fault truly lies in their upbringing.

Verizon, in collaboration with Makers (a portal for women stories), has launched an insightful ad that showcases how parents unintentionally become overprotective and discourage their young girls to pursue science related subjects.


66% of 4th grade girls say they like science & math. But only 18% of college engineering majors are females.


It’s a call to all parents to inspire the minds of their little girls to feed their intellect – #InspireHerMind.