UberConference Simplifies Concall

Gone are the days when people used to go through a tedious process of dialing-in a long phone number and a PIN to connect to a concall. It’s not that people don’t go through this now. They do. But there is a solution to avoid it: UberConference.

Being an adman myself, I can relate to this. Often times, the conference call we’re trying to connect to takes so much of our time, that it’s almost time for the next meeting. There is nothing really we could do about it. UberConference simplifies and improves the concall experience, and the participants don’t even have to enter a PIN number because they are authenticated by their phone number. It also allows anyone in the call to see the names, photos, and other information of the others in the call. Which makes life much easier, since we get to know who we’re actually talking to.

UberConference - Concall

UberConference truly enriches the overall concall experience through a plethora of features that can surely come in handy. Some key features that I think need to be highlighted are:

  1. Exclude certain individuals from the conversation in real time to talk privately
  2. HD audio for calls from anywhere over the Internet
  3. Save and download recording of the calls
  4. Social Caller ID to know more about who we’re talking to
  5. Start the conference from your desktop or your mobile phone
  6. Setup instant conference calls
  7. Upload custom “hold music”
  8. Share documents and files
  9. Set conference calls from Google Apps

There are several web-based concall solutions available today and it’s going to be a tough competition for these guys, but I feel they is positioning themselves a step ahead with the simplicity approach and a free service. Of course people can decide to go pro if they feel the need for that. As we say in marketing, it’s all about how you position your brand. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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