Volkswagen Parachute – Don’t Risk Your Life For a Bargain

This recent ad by Volkswagen tells its viewers exactly why the Volkswagen Tiguan is not as cheap as cars made by its competitors. The ad starts with a man looking for parachutes in a parachute store, who could not help but make a hasty decision by buying a parachute from the bargain bucket, leaving behind a far better quality parachute to

Volkswagen Creates Music from Driving Styles

People usually let the type of music determine their driving style. And that’s the widespread understanding. However in a new VW Golf GTI campaign, Volkswagen flipped this notation. How about an application that determines the kind of music played based on individual driving behaviour? That’s what the new Volkswagen Golf GTI’s “Play the Road” campaign is about. The german automobile


Volkswagen Shoulder Pokes Its Audience

To register a new side assist feature they came up with, Volkswagen made a simple yet mind jolting guerrilla marketing campaign. The side assist is a type of side mirror that let’s drivers see their blind spot, hence reducing the possibility of potential accidents. The campaign was based on this guy who pokes people from the side and avoids himself