Galaxy11 Gear Up for Football World Cup 2014

Despite the fact that I love star-studded football commercials before every Football World Cup, the Galaxy11: Training spot is a disappointment. It’s quite dragged, has a very weak story-line and is an overkill. Though they did a good job in trying to build the campaign up since last year, and it generated the desired interest from the audiences too. Following is a quick

samsung smart line iphone pun

Samsung Takes A Jab At iPhone 5S Customer Lines

Samsung takes a jab at Apple by mocking customers waiting for the new iPhone 5S through a smarter “virtual” line for the S4. Great concept however; specially in times when you wouldn’t want your consumers to go through the pain and hassle of just to buy your device. And ideally, a customer line for a smart phone should be… smart. The whole


Samsung Expedia Gives Away a “Trip a Day”

Imagine you are walking in a park and randomly a man intrudes and asks about a place that you have always wanted to visit, and poof! You are at your favourite holiday destination, having a great time and living your dream. Sounds nothing less than a crazy dream, that you wake up from with the sound of your alarm, right?

samsung evolutionary kit husband ad

Evolutionary Husbands Anyone? Asks Samsung

A recent ad campaign by Samsung has been spurring a lot of sexist controversy online. The ad stars a lazy husband with undone hair and a half-eaten chicken leg piece in his hand, who perpetually sits in front of the giant Samsung TV screen, along with a young and beautiful wife, who only wishes to have a husband who would


Samsung Galaxy S4 In the Lands of Sorry Potter

A recent ad created in Taiwan for the Samsung Galaxy S4, shows how the gadget would have proven to be just as great as a magic wand in the land of Harry Potter. The ad starts off with Dumbledore giving a speech to the new batch of sorcerers to The Hogwarts School, including Sorry Potter, a Harry Potter lookalike and