Internet Explorer Brings Back Memories of The 90s

Internet Explorer in its recent ad campaign, makes us remember the time when it was cool to wear shoes that would light up with every step you took, and when instead of flat screen tablets and smart phones, all we had was a digital pet to play with. Internet Explorer in this campaign tries to make us remember how in


Microsoft Humiliates the iPad

Remember the Don’t Fight, Just Switch ad last month, where Microsoft picked on Apple and Samsung smart phone users? And what about Microsoft Hammering Google Chrome through a leaked parody last week (do you think it was a “leaked” or “seeded”?) Well, Microsoft is at it again. This time, its the smartness of the Apple iPad against the Windows 8 tablet by


Microsoft Trashes Google Chrome

An anti-Google leaked parody from Microsoft took the web by storm this week. The video goes on and on about how Google sees what you are doing everywhere to make money off you (which is actually true). The parody concludes with the tagline: “Don’t get Scroogled!” Now this surely would have offended a lot of Google fan boys out there,


Microsoft takes Apple & Samsung head on – Don’t Fight. Just Switch.

Guess who’s pounding to enter the Apple’s & Samsung’s ongoing battle for better smart phones? Microsoft! In order to get the new Nokia Lumia 920, the Windows 8 phone, some talkability, Microsoft is trying to return in the headlines alongside the likes of Samsung & Apple. The advertising spot, directed by Roman Coppola and created by the agency, Crispin Porter +