Heineken Creates Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Instagram, has recently earned quite a lot popularity among online users, and thus has become a great marketing platform for companies to promote their products. Therefore, Heineken decided to make the most of this social picture website, and came up with very unique and an innovative concept to market its brand. Unlike the usual uploading of pictures, along with the

heineken interview

Heineken Takes Job Interviewing Process a Step Further

Every time you think of job interviews, what is the most you can think of? Maybe sitting in front of the company head, and answering all kinds of questions that might come your way, cutting down the anxiety and nervousness that you find quite hard to get over. That’s it right? Now, imagine a job interview through which you are


The Negotiation by Heineken

Heineken secretly gives men a chance to watch the UEFA Champions League Final in London. But it is not as easy as it sounds. They had to convince their female counterparts to buy a basic pair of stadium seats for $1,899! Yep. That’s right. Just watch how these men come up with all kind of hilarious excuses. Heineken continues to spark