Rain for Sale Campaign by The Coca Cola Company

How to solve the water problem in Lloro, Colombia, which is the rainiest town in the world; a town that has everything but no drinking water? The Coca Cola Company and Ogilvy Colombia joined hands and contacted the mayor in Lloro to solve their problem. They engaged the population in a simple, yet powerful, idea to help them buy drinking


Coca Cola Feels Like Ahh

Coca Cola can easily be referred to as the ‘guru of marketing’ due to its strong marketing and innovative campaigns that are released every few days all around the world.  From guerilla campaigns, to brilliant TVCs and viral videos, Coca Cola has done it all. So, they decided to do it again. This animated ad for Coca Cola features a lot in


Coca Cola Encourages Eating Together Through #LetsEatTogether Campaign

Coca Cola never fails to disappoint us when it comes to creating some great marketing campaigns. This time again, Coca Cola came up with a brilliant campaign to help encourage the practice of eating together, something that has been slowly disappearing from our cultures altogether. Coca Cola Romania realized this issue, and made a plan to make sure more and

coca cola-billbaord-name

Your Name in Lights – Coca Cola

It seems like Coca Cola and their guerrilla campaigns have a long way to go. After coming up with a bunch of innovative guerrilla campaigns already this year, it did not surprise me to see yet another amazing marketing effort by the most creative company. Earlier, Coca Cola in Israel came up with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that lets

cocacola wearable movie

Coca-Cola Produces World’s First Wearable Movie

When it comes to talking about some great guerrilla campaigns, Coca-Cola is one of the first brands that pops-up in my mind. And, why not, Coca-Cola has worked on some amazing viral campaigns to win a share of happy customers for itself, just like this wearable movie campaign. Coca-Cola decided to thank a bunch of people that helped the company


‘Live Like Your Grandpa’ – Coca Cola

Every time I look at my grandparents, I imagine myself to be just as active as them, doing chores without complaining of backaches and going up and down the stairs few times a day without a hassle. But, then let’s be honest here, in spite of being young and energetic, we are becoming couch potatoes and lazy slackers, which is


Coca Cola Happiness Flag Greets Arriving Passengers

Coca Cola keeps working on small heart warming insights and comes back with innovative campaign executions. Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world in several global surveys; and this gave the remarkable people working at Coke an idea to do something nice. Here is “yet” another campaign that hid the Danish flag in a Coke flag dispensing machine.