Clarks, a well known show company, is known for popularizing the desert boot in the mid-1900s – and they’ve used a number of slogans over the years. The desert boot is a variant of the chukka boot that went on to become one the most popular boots, and is still a trendy wardrobe item for men as well as for women. Vintage Clarks Slogans Clarks has come with a number of slogans over the years in their advertising. Here are some vintage slogans by Clarks Show Company: You can’t stand on good looks alone It’s smart to be comfortable It’s smart to be practical A show with a history [Desert boot slogan] The original desert boot [Desert boot slogan] It was a good year [Desert boot slogan] When you’re on your foot all day I’d be better to buy yourself some Clarks. New Clarks Slogans Some of the more recent…