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Ever tried using your headphones at work and ended up with your perfectly combed hair looking like a bird nest? And then to add on to it, you see your office eye candy just walking past you as you try to hide beneath your desk, embarrassed by your bad hair day! That’s exactly when we all wish our hair would just be as flawless as those lean, skinny models appearing on every other commercial. But when you have used every possible hair product you could find in the beauty care aisle, you should know it’s probably time to change your headphones! Have a look at this crazy advertisement created by Logitech for their new range of BH320 earbuds! The ad is quite straightforward and communicates that needs to be told. However, not as powerful in terms of production quality and story.

Adidas recently came up with a new ad campaign featuring the famous basketball star, Derrick Rose for their D Rose Jump Store in London. The concept of the ad is simple yet, very innovative. For the campaign, Rose travelled all around Europe as a part of his “D-Rose Tour.” This unique store gave fans a chance to jump with the Chicago Bulls point guard to get a pair of Derrick Rose signature Adidas sneakers, kept at a height of around 9 feet. The only way to get a pair was to jump as high as they could, and pull out a pair for themselves. Check out the video to see how many the people in London went home with a pair of their favourite sneakers. Another example of a guerrilla stunt made viral. I think I could have never jumped that high!

Skype recently came up with a new ad campaign showing its viewers how people across the world, geographically separated from their loved are managing to keep in touch through Skype. “The impossible family portrait,” an ad created for the campaign, features Denis, a middle-aged man who left his homeland, Uganda and his family to seek a job in America with merely $5 in his pocket. Denis narrates his story that most of us, living away from home can relate to. With the insurmountable geographic distance between him and his family, Denis says he does not feel emotionally away from them because of Skype, as he frequently sees his family and his dear son through the online application. By the end of the video, Skype makes impossible… possible: a family portrait of Denis along with his family living miles away from him!

McDonald’s has its long history of being one of the most famous family dine-in fast food restaurants around the world, and in spite of its recognition as a best fast-food restaurant, a huge chunk of McDonald’s budget goes to marketing campaigns. What’s different with McDonald’s marketing campaigns is the fact it realizes how important the digital media is in today’s times. Just like this recent campaign launched by the team that asked its customers to share some of their special McDonald’s moments that made a wonderful memory. A hundred of such moments were selected and organized in a colourful and interactive tile arrangement on the fast food restaurant’s official website. Check out these moments by clicking the image below, maybe you can relate to some of them too!

Print advertisements have come a long way as they make one of the oldest and most successful means of promotion for businesses all over the globe. However, in today’s time of viral videos and social media, a lifeless picture printed on a limited newspaper or magazine space, may not seem to be very promising to many business entrepreneurs. And, while most of us were busy debating about the demise of print advertisements altogether, some of these intelligently creative print ads of 2012, made us change our view, and gave us some actual reasons to put a pause to such debates for now. 11. Apple iPad mini On number 11 we have this intelligently designed iPad mini ad that appeared on a number of popular magazines like Time, The New Yorker and Wired. The ad was printed on the back page of these magazines, which showed the Apple tablet in its…

Brand salience is the extent to which a certain brand is given importance when the consumer is facing a buying decision. If you are new to marketing, you wouldn’t have got this. And your question remained intact, if you are not confused already. What is Brand Salience? Visualize yourself going to a store to buy a bottle of soda, not so sure what you feel like having. Once in front of the cold aisle (or freezer), you gravitate towards a brand, let’s say Pepsi Cola, and pick it up. Even though there might be other colas in the same aisle, but you picked up Pepsi. Why? Probably because you are more familiar with its taste, brand colors, or recently saw an ad. It could be anything. Marketers define this gravitation towards a certain brand, as having a higher brand salience. An unknown brand has a weaker or non-existence brand…

Talking about business through social media might sound a little out of place. We all have been guilty of wasting time on social media websites only to like random memes and stalk our ex(s). Every time you log into one of the social media websites, it seems like taking over an on-going process of liking and commenting on whatever pops-up on your newsfeed, and not to forget the random tweeting and the fact that squeezing in gazillion hashtags in a 140 word limit is nearly seen as a talent. Unfortunately, not everyone sees such things as talent, like this Asian dad. But hey, social media is not all about getting spoilt and wasting all your time clearing jelly while playing Candy Crush Saga. In fact, working efficiently on social media networks may even get your budding business the kind of success that you have been dreaming of as a solopreneur.…

On a quiet street of Belgium, what kind of drama can you possibly imagine? Maybe a police officer stopping a car for speeding or maybe a kid running after its dog that just went on loose? Well, TNT came up with a whole lot than what you can imagine! All you need to do to unfold all the drama is just push a big red button! The question is who is daring enough to do that? Have a look at this crazy ad campaign and the kind of drama that unhooks right after. From an almost dying patient to big black SUVs making their way into the scene and a lot of gunshots! How can you possibly escape all that? Have a look for yourself!