Advergize Staff


According to a recent ad campaign by Snickers, misspelling words is probably not because of you being terrible in your language classes back in school, but maybe it has to do a lot more with the growling noises coming from your tummy! So probably, a bar of Snickers might help you do better! In order to get this crazy message through, Snickers teamed up with Google, and so with every misspelled words in the search engine, millions of online users came across Snickers ad instead stating, “Grab yourself a Snikkers. Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie!” Therefore, in case you have been making a lot of spelling mistakes, maybe it is time to grab a bar of Snickers to help your mind think straight! The video link explains precisely how this brilliant campaign worked!

Three mobile in its latest ad campaign introduces us to Socks, an incredibly cute and talented pony! No, this pony doesn’t hop through fire rings and neither has won medals for its ultra-super speed! Maybe, that’s just too mainstream for Socks. So, Socks instead dances to whatever tunes you play and can do the moonwalk better than any other animal! You are probably wondering why would a mobile service providing company advertise a pony’s dancing talent in its recent ad campaign. Well, the answer is simple, they want everyone to share this, because we all love to share silly stuff on the internet! Check out the cute yet amusing ad! Sigh, makes me wish I was a pony, just as talented as Socks!

Every time you think of job interviews, what is the most you can think of? Maybe sitting in front of the company head, and answering all kinds of questions that might come your way, cutting down the anxiety and nervousness that you find quite hard to get over. That’s it right? Now, imagine a job interview through which you are supposed to hold hands with your boss, later seeing him faint and rescuing an employee during a fire alarm! And, to add to it, your interview goes viral! No, I am not narrating a nightmare from last night, but this was actually the recruiting policy adapted by Heineken to select an intern for its Event and Sponsorship management team! View the video to find out who was the lucky candidate to make it till the end!

Ever imagined how a world without hate would be? Rainbows and butterflies, sunlight that shines directly on your face and bright, lively people crossing your path every day! Imagine, no killings, and no wars. Prison cells become vacant, and mostly dysfunctional. Imagine picking up the daily newspaper and reading headlines to bring a wide smile on your face. Sigh, how we all wish that could happen. Anti-Defamation League (ADL), recently came up with an ad campaign that displayed headlines of various incidents of the past that made sad headlines on the newspapers, stating how they would actually look like in a perfect world. Have a look.

Don’t play around with snakes, don’t run after your balloons while a train is on the track, don’t sit in a washing machine that is powered on and don’t mess around bee hives. These are just some of the dumb ways to die that the Melbourne Metro has been trying to create awareness about through its this video. This public awareness campaign by McCann Melbourne is a year old, and has already bagged an Integrated Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions. A quirky song and cute characters having a sad demise, the online video rightly puts through the message of being safe around various things that might prove fatal, especially metro trains! Have a look at this amazing video, you might get hooked on to the catchy song by the end!

After reading the caption of the article, you are possibly wondering if that is even possible? But yes, Douwe Egberts came up with a great idea to sample their product – giving away cups of freshly brewed Douwe Egberts coffee to whoever yawns in front of the coffee machine. One of such machines installed at an airport, made a great campaign for the company as people kept pouring in, only to yawn in front of the coffee dispenser and get a cup of warm coffee for themselves. Still don’t believe me? Well, then see it for yourself!

After the huge success of “The Beauty Inside” the first social film created by Intel and Toshiba, the two companies in collaboration have come up with an amazing sequel, “The Power Inside.” This movie narrates a tale of aliens disguised as moustaches and uni-brows taking over the world, changing everyone into unthinking drones. The great thing about this social film is that as an audience you have a much bigger role than just being a dormant couch potato, enjoying the movie; you can be a part of the movie as well. Yes, you do not need to be a big name in the film industry to work alongside great actors like Harvey Keitel, Craig Roberts, Analeigh Tipton, Reid Ewing and Zack Pearlman starring in the movie. In fact, while following the movie you can get yourself enrolled for the auditions and be a part of all the drama that unfolds!…

Ever tried using your headphones at work and ended up with your perfectly combed hair looking like a bird nest? And then to add on to it, you see your office eye candy just walking past you as you try to hide beneath your desk, embarrassed by your bad hair day! That’s exactly when we all wish our hair would just be as flawless as those lean, skinny models appearing on every other commercial. But when you have used every possible hair product you could find in the beauty care aisle, you should know it’s probably time to change your headphones! Have a look at this crazy advertisement created by Logitech for their new range of BH320 earbuds! The ad is quite straightforward and communicates that needs to be told. However, not as powerful in terms of production quality and story.