Digital Marketing 101: Getting Started in China

As marketers and tech entrepreneurs start looking to Beijing, the Silicon Valley of the East, for the next great app or idea, Digital Jungle thought it would be a good time to introduce some of the major players in China’s tech scene and provide an overview of how digital marketing is conducted in China. The first thing marketers must remember when conducting


Mobile Advertising in China

The rise of the smartphone is one of many amazing phenomena re-shaping China. There are an estimated 500 million smartphone users in China and the numbers are growing. According to The Fiscal Times, “Kai-fu Lee, the former lead China researcher at Microsoft and then Google predicts that China will have 500 million smartphones in use by the end of 2013.” The


Top 5 Ways International Hotels Can Attract Chinese Tourists

It seems nowadays everyone is talking about the emerging Chinese tourist class and how best to attract these new high-rollers and high-fliers. Digital Jungle, a leading digital agency based in Beijing, has created a list of the top five ways international hotels can attract Chinese tourists. As the Chinese economy continues to develop, increasing numbers of Chinese citizens will have