Sarosh Waiz


Coca Cola has been very innovative in reviving the vending machine culture with fun and engaging campaigns in recent years. The number one cola’s small world vending machine, as they call it, broke the barriers between India & Pakistan in March 2013; two nations that have been at each others necks since over 65 years. It’s a live video version of chatting to an unknown random person, and make a friend in the opposite country through a video vending machine. A ‘feel good concept’ that highlights that common people don’t want to be any part of the war that the media and government lays on them. The more important question for me is, will this vending machine fever ever going to stop?

An anti-Google leaked parody from Microsoft took the web by storm this week. The video goes on and on about how Google sees what you are doing everywhere to make money off you (which is actually true). The parody concludes with the tagline: “Don’t get Scroogled!” Now this surely would have offended a lot of Google fan boys out there, but hey guys, chill out and let it go. I am a Google fan as well, and appreciate what they have been doing to make the world a better place. This ad spot I believe is second parody after, Microsoft trashed Samsung and Apple smart phone users last month. Check the original Google Chrome spot here: I don’t expect Google to revert back to this, but if they do, Microsoft is in for a roller coaster ride.

I am glad to stumble upon this short film today. It is an excerpt of a commencement speech by the writer, David Foster Wallace, at Kenyon College in 2005 converted to a short film by The Glossary (video production house). I wasn’t really expecting what I am going to see as the film started off from with gold fishes and then moving on to young people, for whom the original speech was intended for. A truly inspiration speech that gives you a reality check on the rat race life that we are stuck in, day in and day out. Makes you re-think the way you think, and may bring about a positive change in you. A must watch.

bpost strives to be the best postal operator that the customers trust in Belgium. To prove that, they opened a webshop in the center of Brussels that live streamed online through a price dropping auction system. They stocked up must have items with each item’s price dropping by the second. As soon as someone bid the item was sold, was picked up by the bpost postman, and delivered overnight to the lucky buyer. Did this campaign help bpost reiterate their position as the best postal operator in Belgium? Check out the video case and see for yourself.

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened after a 10-year renovation and took their audience by surprise through an in-mall guerrilla marketing stunt at Barone’s shopping center to capture the 17th century rogue, featuring characters from famous paintings to be returning to the museum. A gathering of some 30 gentlemen, members of the Shooting Company of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq – better known as Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ – descended on an unsuspecting shopping centre in Breda in the Dutch province of Brabant. The stunt literally brought the Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ to life with the slogan “Our Heroes are back!” The stunt was conceived by JWT Amsterdam and sponsored by ING. There is also a making of the stunt uploaded on ING’s Youtube channel that you can view here:

In order to find and recruit skilled professionals in Netherlands, companies have to go through a lot of effort. To counter this issue for the times ahead and to get students interested in a technology career, Shell launched the “Chocolate Challenge.” A nice brand activation / road show that engages students in a fun and exciting way to teach them about technical processes. A smartphone, a can of coke, a scooter; they all consist of parts that must be in the correct order and correctly put together. The road show also sparked competition among students giving away prizes to the winners. The video is in Dutch, but since now you already know what it is about, you’ll be able to get how it was executed. Credit goes to BrandBase for concept & execution.

The best way to activate a brand on-ground is to launch a campaign that has relevance and higher affinity to its audience. In a brand activation campaign for kids, Cartoon Network takes its audience by surprise through a Toon Machine in Brazil: a gigantic crane machine placed inside malls, that lets them control a man through a life sized joy stick. What more fun can the kids have when they also get to take away some free toys?