Sarosh Waiz


Have you been through moments of fear in a stormy night full of thunder? Every time you try to close your eyes you fail to sleep. Your imagination freaks you out and every sound you hear makes you feel as if a monster is creeping behind you in your bed. Most of us have gone through such feelings of fear as kids, and some of us may even have gone through them as adults (though we fail to admit). Vibrocil has targeted these feelings and have launched a great television advert to deliver a simple message (very) effectively: “A blocked nose shouldn’t be a nightmare” I am not going to reveal any further spoilers, and would suggest you to watch the video. A brilliant job done by Saatchi & Saatchi Moscow.

In the Kenyan market, all bleaches are the same and there is no differentiation amongst the category. No differentiation to the point that a lot of them are even made in the same factory. Even ACE does the same thing as its competitors. In a situation like this it becomes very challenging to gain brand recognition, but that’s what ACE set out to do. TBWA East Africa took up the challenge and highlighted the whitening properties of the brand by bleaching animals. A forward leaping approach with a humorous twist, in a market where competitors were not advertising beyond a school going kid in a white uniform, or a white collar worker in a sparkling white shirt. This campaign reminds of the traditional TIDE (detergent) campaigns, except for the fact that they don’t use it on animals. What do you think?

Tommy’s Diner & Burger came up with some really cool print adverts positioning hunger as one’s worst enemy. I was completely perplexed when I saw this at first. But they executed the strategy with great supporting creatives to register their point. The first version shows Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, illustrated in Obama’s stomach, and the second one shows the Joker in Batman’s stomach. Don’t let hunger beat you! Make the first move and eliminate your hunger from its roots at Tommy’s Diner & Burger.

Brands and agencies are both sharpening their saw to get more creative in the international market leaving a lot of advertising examples behind as inspiration for other advertisers around the world; thanks to technology for making everything so accessible. 2013 has been a great year so far. In fact it is not even halfway through and we’ve seen a burst of creative guerrilla advertising examples from a bunch of global advertisers already. So here I am posting some of the guerrilla campaigns I loved as advertising examples and inspiration. If you’re not aware. Guerrilla marketing or guerrilla advertising is a low-cost (not necessarily) advertising strategy. Marketers use it to reach and target an audience in an unconventional way. Unconventional? How’s that? Well, any marketing effort that is unusual (that was obvious I know). But to illustrate this further, flash mobs and graffiti can be referred to as good guerrilla advertising examples.…

Coca Cola keeps working on small heart warming insights and comes back with innovative campaign executions. Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world in several global surveys; and this gave the remarkable people working at Coke an idea to do something nice. Here is “yet” another campaign that hid the Danish flag in a Coke flag dispensing machine. They decided to place this machine at the airport where it’s a Danish tradition to welcome the arriving people with flags. In one day, 2,400 flags welcomed 25,000 arrivals from 30 different countries.Credit goes to McCann Copenhagen for the agency behind the idea.

To register a new side assist feature they came up with, Volkswagen made a simple yet mind jolting guerrilla marketing campaign. The side assist is a type of side mirror that let’s drivers see their blind spot, hence reducing the possibility of potential accidents. The campaign was based on this guy who pokes people from the side and avoids himself to be seen. When people turn the other way to find him, he gives them an information card. Pedestrians in front of one of the Volkswagen showrooms were victim of the famous shoulder poke joke, who were then offered a card explaining the Side Assist technology with a short sentence (in Spanish): “A sign when you can’t see,” informing them about how side assist is a live saving feature offered by Volkswagen. It is a smart and an effective way of guerrilla marketing where technically there is no cost involved, yet…

Advertising is a multi billion dollar industry with global advertising spends consistently growing every year. ZenithOptimedia released some key figures last month with a snapshot of the changes that we can expect in the layout of the global advertising spend from 2013 to 2015. The global advertising spend in 2013 is expected to grow by 3.9% closing at about $518 billion; the growth forecasts for 2014 and 2015 are at 5.0% and 5.6% respectively. The global economy is expected to improve in the next 3 years specially with the anticipation of Europe pulling out of a recession by the end of this year. Digital is expected to grow even more with an influential share in the global advertising spend. Why is global digital spend expected to grow? Because of increasing global internet penetration rates, evolving consumer habits and innovative offerings to target consumers. Global digital spend is going to take…

This is an old campaign by Reporters without Borders, that I remember seeing across the web. Media can be used (or rather is being used) as a mass manipulation tool and can skew audience beliefs at large over a period of time. A strong message is conveyed through this advertising campaign. This print advertising campaign was designed by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai. I thought it will be a good share as our advertising inspiration for today. Censorship really does tell the wrong story.