Sarosh Waiz


Coors Light Explorers decided to invade hot afternoons in South Florida to surprise people out of their minds with the “World’s Most Refreshing Can” of beer. There are cameras around showing people just chilling around, when suddenly the scene is interrupted with guys repelling from helicopters, on zip-lines and sled dogs! As a guerrilla marketing tactic, it is a really cool idea to take them by surprise and seems like a cool initiative by the brand; though this video is nicely done, but I personally feel that it looks quite staged. The brand plans to take more people by surprise this Summer, so you better keep an eye out for more explorer stunts.

Monster Energy Drink launches a kick ass viral campaign with a monster truck branded with Monster Energy and Toyo Tyres. With high definition shots and a combination of camera angles its 6 minutes of pure entertainment value. Now isn’t this what you would call a perfect date? Video Title: The Perfect Date – Horse Power 850 Brand: Monster Energy Category: Energy Drink Year: 2013

UTEC, one of the water charities, teamed up with Mayo DraftFCB to make a creative billboard in Lima, the capital of Peru, to solve the water issues in the city. For those of you who are not aware, Lima suffers from the lack of drinking water because of pollution and lack of rain. Taking up this challenge, the team identified atmospheric humidity in the area to be 98%. They used this information to develop a creative billboard that captures air humidity and converts it into purified drinking water through ‘reverse osmosis.’ Following is the sequential process of how this creative billboard converts air humidity to purified drinking water. The creative outdoor collects the water after it goes through a series of filters in a large water tank. Its definitely one of the first finest creative billboard that serves 2 purposes: Awaressness + Solves the problem. Good things happen when people think out of…

You must have known atleast one person around you, who started claiming to be a professional photographer after buying a DSLR camera. Well, that’s the insight Sony’s new campaign “DSLR Gear, No Idea” hits on to launch its new breed of compact cameras, NEX. I must say that the consumer insight that they have built on is brilliant, and it well establishes the gap between the desire of taking high quality photos and carrying a compact camera. Following is the advert for NEX, the compact camera with a sensor/lense of a DSLR, by Sony:  As people say, “every Tom, Dick and Harry with a DSLR camera starts considering himself/herself a professional photographer.” Let’s see if the Sony NEX can turn more people into professional photographers. [via Adverblog]