Volkswagen Shoulder Pokes Its Audience

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To register a new side assist feature they came up with, Volkswagen made a simple yet mind jolting guerrilla marketing campaign. The side assist is a type of side mirror that let’s drivers see their blind spot, hence reducing the possibility of potential accidents.

The campaign was based on this guy who pokes people from the side and avoids himself to be seen. When people turn the other way to find him, he gives them an information card.

Pedestrians in front of one of the Volkswagen showrooms were victim of the famous shoulder poke joke, who were then offered a card explaining the Side Assist technology with a short sentence (in Spanish): “A sign when you can’t see,” informing them about how side assist is a live saving feature offered by Volkswagen.


It is a smart and an effective way of guerrilla marketing where technically there is no cost involved, yet the message is so strong enough to make the audience realize what they have been missing.

[via CGM]


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