Volkswagen Creates Music from Driving Styles

People usually let the type of music determine their driving style. And that’s the widespread understanding. However in a new VW Golf GTI campaign, Volkswagen flipped this notation. How about an application that determines the kind of music played based on individual driving behaviour? That’s what the new Volkswagen Golf GTI’s “Play the Road” campaign is about.

The german automobile manufacturer designed an iOS app in collaboration with Underworld that tracks the driver’s unique driving movements, location and speed. This is smartly done through a combination of GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer within the device, after which, the data is calculated to play the relevant type of music. How is it being done? Following is a description from the Volkswagen website to explain the science behind this app:

“Using the musical program language PD (Pure Data) the music and data were brought together. Different musical motifs were attached to different data streams, so the cars movements or locations would trigger and effect the music live.”

The car becomes the instrument, the driver the musician. Quite an impressive concept supported by a great campaign slogan: Driving Music Re-invented

[via DesignTaxi]



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