Samsung Expedia Gives Away a “Trip a Day”

Imagine you are walking in a park and randomly a man intrudes and asks about a place that you have always wanted to visit, and poof! You are at your favourite holiday destination, having a great time and living your dream. Sounds nothing less than a crazy dream, that you wake up from with the sound of your alarm, right? As unreal as it may sound, Sean got a chance to cross out a travel destination from his bucket list, through a recent guerrilla campaign by Samsung Expedia, called ‘Find Your Spontaneity.’ Through this campaign, Samsung Expedia gave a chance to random people to travel to their dream destination, but the only catch was they would have to travel right away! Watch how Sean takes up the challenge and lives his dream of travelling to China. Looks nothing less than dream come true for Sean! expedia_trip_a_day_china

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