M&M’s Yellow Meets Russian Mafia

Don’t we just love the M&M’s characters? Well, we all love them enough to gobble them up in one go, but the Russian mafia’s love is a little sadistic! The Russian mafia loves M&M’s Yellow enough to chop him up in pieces, sprinkle him on top of a huge bowl of ice cream and eat him up. Yikes! Bet Yellow would have ran for his life, but only if he knew Russian.

Yellow finds himself in trouble when he ends up at a huge mansion, apparently owned by the Russian mafia, and their intentions are certainly not good. Unfortunately, poor Yellow remains oblivious to what he has landed himself into. Do you think Yellow will find a way out for himself from this mess? Well, I think not, because he is just too irresistible to let go, and honestly I would like to eat him up in a similar fashion as the Russian mafia!


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