‘Live Like Your Grandpa’ – Coca Cola

Every time I look at my grandparents, I imagine myself to be just as active as them, doing chores without complaining of backaches and going up and down the stairs few times a day without a hassle. But, then let’s be honest here, in spite of being young and energetic, we are becoming couch potatoes and lazy slackers, which is not only affecting our lifestyles and health, but also our waistlines.

Coca Cola in its recent ad for the anti-obesity campaign puts forward a great message. The ad shows a comparison of lifestyles of a man in our grandparents era and a modern age man. Both wake up at around the same time and go to work, but instead of driving a car, eating junk food and using the elevator, the 1950s man instead cycles to his work place, eats healthy food and climbs the stairs. Nevertheless, both the men have a bottle of Coca Cola and enjoy life. So, there you go, Coca Cola gives out the secret to a perfect, healthy and happy life, though somewhat similar to what my grandparents always told me!


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