coca cola-billbaord-name

Your Name in Lights – Coca Cola

It seems like Coca Cola and their guerrilla campaigns have a long way to go. After coming up with a bunch of innovative guerrilla campaigns already this year, it did not surprise me to see yet another amazing marketing effort by the most creative company.

Earlier, Coca Cola in Israel came up with the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that lets consumers drink from a personalized first name printed cans. The next step was to take the idea further, and display their fans names on billboards!

To be one of the lucky customers to get their names on billboards put up across Israel, thousands of smartphone users downloaded a Coca Cola application that asked them to sent in their first names. The application used geo-fence technology to detect the proximity of the users, and as soon as they headed to one of the Coca Cola billboards, they were sent a text message, alerting them to look up to find their names in light!

Watch the video to know more about this campaign. No wonder Coca Cola really knows how to win hearts of its customers.


coca cola-billbaord-name

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