Perfect Puddin’ Hour at School by JELL-O

This 15 seconds long TVC for JELL-O is easily the cutest ad I have seen so far. A little red headed kid returns from a tiring first day at school, and orders a bowl of JELL-O immediately from his father, who acts like a bartender and asks him about his day. The day seems pretty much a hard work for the young kid, with puzzles, blocks and ABCs. The kid is clearly tired and wrecked from a long day of solving puzzles and learning the ABCs, so the father tries to console him by saying, “Tomorrow will be easier.” By now, the kid clearly sits up in his chair, and demands, “I have to go back?! Better make it a double.”

With out a doubt, JELL-O is the perfect treat for a tiring day, therefore a second serving can surely make things better than just a single round. How do you brighten up your mood on a tiring day?


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