JELL-O Gives Hope to Balding Middle-Aged Men

Jell-O recently released an ad featuring a balding middle-aged man, along with his young son, both enjoying the sweet, chocolatey taste of of JELL-O pudding with a hearty conversation. The ad moves on as the man narrates the miseries of life to his young son that includes waking up with lesser hair, driving through a road full of traffic, and getting his project cancelled that he had been working on for a year. But after going through so much, a spoonful of JELL-O makes the man realize that all the bad in world can never outweigh the good.

What absolutely gave a win to the simple concept of this ad was the crazy imagination of the son, placing himself at his dad’s place with an unfortunate comb-over. You might want to grab a packet of Jell-O to forget your worries for a while too!


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