Internet Explorer Brings Back Memories of The 90s

Internet Explorer in its recent ad campaign, makes us remember the time when it was cool to wear shoes that would light up with every step you took, and when instead of flat screen tablets and smart phones, all we had was a digital pet to play with. Internet Explorer in this campaign tries to make us remember how in the 90s, it was the only internet browser which is now probably lost after Google Chrome and Firefox came in.

Now, as our slap bracelets are kept away in a trunk, along with those laser pens and fuzzy haired troll figures, we have certainly grown out of the 90s era, and so has Internet Explorer, which through this ad asks you to reconnect with the newer and better version of the internet browser.

See the ad for yourself, you might even feel yourself lost in nostalgia! Sigh, good ol’ days!


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