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Intel and Toshiba Release First Episode of ‘The Power Inside’

Remember just a few days back, we talked about this upcoming movie, ‘The Power Inside,’ produced in collaboration by Intel and Toshiba. Well, it is about time you gear up with fake moustaches and uni-brows along with popcorn and soda cans in front of your screen, because the first episode is here! Actually, after viewing the trailer, I think I will take a blanket too, to hide my face inside as the hairy zombie type things start to take over the world!

The episode begins with featuring two love birds getting cosy in a car, when suddenly the moustaches and uni-brows ruin their moment by turning them into unthinking drones. Next, enters our hero, Neil, played by Craig Roberts. Neil is just getting a clean shave done from a hairdresser (first proof of our hero being just one of us). Next, he heads to his newspaper job, where his office crush is introduced, and after they have a pep talk at a cafe, Neil ends up in a bus full of the alien monsters. But, who can possibly attack the hero, he steps out of the bus unhurt and still unaware of the danger that the city is facing.

Watch this 8 minute long episode. You can still be a part of the movie, audition here.

power inside - intel & toshiba

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