GEICO Wishes a Happy Hump Day!

Don’t we just love Wednesdays? Of course, we love Fridays more than Wednesdays, but a Wednesday gives you the hope that you’re almost there and you still have chances of getting out of a busy week from office… alive! But who could possibly be happier than a camel on a Wednesday? People who save hundreds of dollars on their auto insurance.

The campaign gives a literal visual representation to the hump day – a camel with humps. Have a look at this crazy ad, featuring a talking camel, ecstatic on a Wednesday, roaming around an office asking everyone which day it is, and the answer? It’s Hump Day! Whooot! Guys, be happy. Come on. More than half of the week will pass by day end on a Wednesday.

After watching a super happy camel, I am still wondering how people switching to GEICO are likely to react, maybe it is time I switch too!


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