samsung evolutionary kit husband ad

Evolutionary Husbands Anyone? Asks Samsung

A recent ad campaign by Samsung has been spurring a lot of sexist controversy online. The ad stars a lazy husband with undone hair and a half-eaten chicken leg piece in his hand, who perpetually sits in front of the giant Samsung TV screen, along with a young and beautiful wife, who only wishes to have a husband who would make her lunch, take care of the kids, do her hair and mop the floor.

The ad may narrate the everyday life miseries of young married women, but actually, it is an advert for the Samsung Evolution Kit. The amazing Evolution Kit by Samsung that enables you to add better and more interesting features to your Samsung Television makes the young and beautiful wives across the world wish they could do the same to their husbands too.

Hmm, I would most definitely want to add a few more features to mine! View this crazy advert and let us know what you feel through the comments section below.

samsung evolutionary kit

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