Edward Norton’s Wild Ride with Motorola Droid Maxx

What can’t you do in 48 hours, and what can’t happen to you in just a time span of two days? It is something that you might never have thought of, but the possibilities are endless. You can only make out of  it alive if you are Edward Norton and you own the newest Motorola Droid Maxx that gives you 48 hours of battery life.

Norton wakes up in a morgue, confused how he ended up still alive after two days of nothing but trouble. Norton rewinds back to the time where it all started, and trust me, throughout the 48 hours it never got better. The only saving grace that remained, was his Motorola Droid Maxx phone as his faithful companion through all the highs or lows (whichever is worse).

I am sure you won’t find a moment to sit back and take a deep breath till the end of this commercial!


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